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The Taste, Texture & Packaging of Kewpie mayonnaise

The baby themed Kewpie Mayonnaise is one of kind product to choose from its competitors. The packaging looks little disturbing but when you taste it, then you would love it.

The yellowish wrapper with red-colored checks on the top is looking like the bottle has been jailed inside the wrapper! Of course, it is a silly thought and later I understood that the wrapper guards the bottle actually.

The famous Japanese product is available in the local stores and also on Amazon worldwide. The open-handed baby on the pouch is inviting everyone to buy the product.

As it has the theme of kids, it naturally has a lot of little fans!

The Kewpie claims that the manufacturer continues to be the in the market since the Japanese are introduced to the mayonnaise. It takes a good place on veggies and salads of Japanese cuisine.

The boring Package

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The Kewpie mayonnaise is bottled quite nicely but is wrapped in an unusual manner. The wrapper at the top puts its users in trouble while opening it.

Nut once you are done with that, then you are all set to make delicious recipes at home! Yes, the Kewpie mayo can even make a worse recipe to taste better with its ingredients.

The proper proportion of the ingredients carefully selected by experts, render a perfect taste to the end product. The Kewpie Mayo goes well with sandwiches with vegetable as well as non-veg stuffings.

All you need to do is to choose a stuffing of your favorite food and just spread a layer of kewpie mayo on it.

A tasty treat is ready in no time! The real taste of the processed foods that are available in most of the sandwich shops is this kewpie mayo! Therefore, it is an excellent product to try at home for better recipes.

Texture and Taste

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The Kewpie mayo is made from rice vinegar and not distilled vinegar. Most people use the latter to prepare mayonnaise and the product is unique in its making too!

The final texture of Kewpie mayo is smoother and creamier to give a fantastic bite to its fans. It blends perfectly with bread, bun, veggies and any type of food. So try it today to enjoy a creamy treat.

We should also speak about the taste and flavor of it. Like any other mayonnaise, the kewpie mayonnaise is slightly flavored but it is extremely tasty!

The Japanese like to eat mayo of thinner consistency and so is the Kewpie mayo! Also, it is very important to keep the mayo in an airtight container to maintain its consistency.

This mayo is made only with egg yolks and that is how it differs from the American mayo as they use whole eggs to prepare mayo. Also in Kewpie mayo, there is no added sugar or salt!

But you should be aware that it has MSG. The MSG is one of the ingredients that spoil our health and it is better to eat food without that.

But the ingredient gives fantastic taste to the recipes as for how we get from the restaurants. Therefore, it is better to consume such foods once in a while and not on a regular basis.


Well, it’s time to evaluate the quality, taste, and usefulness of Kewpie mayo! The mayo is really best of its kind with respect to all of the above-mentioned features.

But what should it least considered about is the health factor of its consumers? The MSG in it is really not good for health and it is fine to consume in just lesser quantities.

The wide distribution channels have earned a good customer base for Kewpie mayo. The other issue that most people think of it is its packaging!

The Mayo should find ways to improve the outer pouch to be more useful! Apart from that, the mayo combines well with most of your recipes!

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