Kewpie Baby Products

Kewpie baby is a well-known brand of dolls & figurines and was initially designed by the cartoonist, Rose O’Neil. It was illustrated as comic strips and takes the form of babies.

The Plastic dolls are slowly changed to be made from celluloid and various other raw materials. The Kewpie baby dolls are world-famous ones, even though they are first introduced in Japan.

But the major selling share of the brand comes from the home country. The brand also comes up with other baby products to increase its revenue along the line.

Let us discuss more of Kewpie baby products in this article. Everyone thinks that baby means pink but what about the African babies? Would they accept playing with dolls that are not resembling their own clan?

It is hard to digest, right? But the Kewpie baby understood the same and comes up with dolls to suit the regional trends.

Kewpie Baby Soap

Photo by Kc7fys/Flickr

The Open-handed cute baby doll in the logo is a magic that everyone loves it! The logo by itself is much attractive. No one would simply skip a smile on their faces after seeing the cute baby on the Kewpie baby logo!

One of its products, baby soap, is advertised as perfect for both kids and adults. Yes, you may wonder how an adult can use this baby product?

The Kewpie baby soap is not targeted towards adults but a few demand that it is perfect for adults too! The pinkish color of its cover is to bring out the real color of cute babies!

The white creamy soap has moisturizing effects on one’s skin leaving it younger than usual. It also makes the skin smoother with a real soft touch.

So if you wish to get that pearl-like glow, then Kewpie baby soap is a fantastic choice. Don’t let your baby miss this great product that combines the goodness of Japanese methods.

The product is anti-allergic in nature and those with skin allergies can use it without any hesitations. So go ahead and recommend this useful product that acts as a good cosmetic too!

Kewpie Baby Vinyl Dolls

8355148639_8a8dc89591_kPhoto by Tinker*Tailor loves Lalka/Flickr

The comic strips on the Japanese magazines were adorned by millions of people in the early 19th century. As a result, those comic strips were just designed as dolls to impress everyone.

It was even designed as dolls in crawling position and are used to decorate birthday cakes, etc. When Japanese kids wish to celebrate a party then Kewpie dolls would automatically get invited there.

The soft vinyl dolls look extremely beautiful and are loved by kids as well as adults. The African Kewpie dolls look little darker to impress the African kids.

So the brand has analyzed the mindset of people all around the world. The bright smiling red-mouthed dolls are the real friends of the kids. The lashed eyes and the bold eyebrows give a stunning look to the dolls.

They make the doll to appear as beautiful kids as lovely as the original kids. There are also many other products from the brand to create a kiddy exhibition in your child’s room!

Yes, there are products such as cupcakes, adorn cakes, etc to decorate your place. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and showcase your dolls & its usabilities!


The Kewpie baby range of products are loved by millions of kids and therefore, it is seen as pictures of kids dresses too!

You can come across night suits, baby bags, etc with the images of Kewpie baby. Th pinkish to dark shades of the dolls are best in class design to impress international kids.

When one gets a Kewpie product, then the same would be appreciated and recommended to others. This is the secret behind the Kewpie baby’s success! The baby essentials when launched with quality is the what we refer here as “Kewpie Baby”!

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