A must see article for Tokyo visitors: The most famous Go-to snack Tokyo Banana collaborates with Kit Kat!

People who visit Tokyo should buy the Kit Kat X Tokyo Banana for souvenirs!
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Tokyo Banana is famous in many countries in the Asian region such as Taiwan and South Korea and its special collaboration with the well-known chocolate brand Kit Kat will surely bring unique delicious snacks that everyone will bound to love.

“When visiting Tokyo, you would not hesitate what souvenirs to buy for your friends and family back home as this is the iconic souvenir in Tokyo” said by Nestle.

Tokyo Banana Kit Kat is going to be famous for sure

To provide customers in Tokyo with items that can be selected as souvenirs without thinking twice on what to buy, both Tokyo Banana and Kit Kat conducted careful planning in which the two companies tested and tasted various flavors more than 100 times.

After a preparatory planning period of over a year, “Crunchy wafers” unique to Kit Kat and “Tokyo Banana’s moist, fluffy taste,” both companies succeeded in combining the right unique flavor.

Here’s what my initial observations were:
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first of all, the cute package like a sister item of Tokyo Banana is absolutely wonderful.

It’s a package that looks quite similar and could have easily been mistaken for Tokyo Banana. The chocolate banana taste came with a luxurious banana scent and in between the crispy wafer layers, a banana cream filling created somewhat of a little moist texture in my mouth.

How is the taste?

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It was such a treat to have as I gave it around and asked other people their opinions about the taste.

◎“That Chocolate banana filling is just oh so unforgettable! I can clearly remember those chocolate bananas being sold at stalls during the Japan summer festival season lol. It all just seems quite nostalgic if you ask me. It reminds me of the good old days when I was still in my early childhood years.”

◎“Visually, this tasty new Kit Kat X Tokyo Banana treat has a nice impact and price wise it’s very cheap for such a delicious snack so I would consider it being well suited as the perfect souvenir to buy.”

◎“There was a huge impact! This is definitely a whole new flavor you probably have never taste before.”

◎“The outside packaging is just so cute and the taste is quite simple and normal I thought.”

It is said that.There are many opinions, so for your information.

Further information for visitors in Tokyo

The new Tokyo Banana X Kit Kat snacks will go on sale from November 15, 2017 and could be found at Tokyo Candy Land in Tokyo Station as a first stop!

“The Tokyo Banana X Kit Kat is offered two sizes containing 15 pieces with a price set at 1,296 yen (including tax) and a small box of 8 pieces for 702 yen (including tax).

So if you are looking for a unique one of a kind souvenir in Tokyo, then please be sure to consider the Tokyo Banana X Kit Kat snack as one of your highly regarded options!



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