Finding the Odds and Evens of Yakult and Yogurt

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Yogurt is considered as one of the oldest and most popular fermented food in the world. In the olden times, yogurt is prepared by leaving fresh milk in a container with good bacteria until it reaches a thicker constitution and develop a sourly but delicious taste.

Yakult on the other hand is yogurt in the universal language of Esperanto. Scientist Dr. Shirota, who pinoneered Yakult, wanted to make sure that the name of the product he has founded could be understood globally.

While Yakult meant yogurt, Yakult is not exactly a yogurt but it is rather a fermented skimmed milk type of drink.

Yakult combined dissolved high grade skim milk with the LcS culture starter, homogenization

Yogurt is made primarily from milk – cows milk for that matter. Though, in other countries yogurt can also be made from milk coming from goat, camel, water buffalo and the likes.

Milk is then cooked in high heat for 10 – 20 minutes till the desired thickness of milk is reached. While being cooked, milk is then combined with good bacteria and lets the bacteria culture there.

Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus are the primary good bacterial contents of yogurt. These types of bacteria produces lactic acid making the milk proteins curdle and and provide benefits when eaten.

Yakult on the other hand is made by dissolving high grade skim milk, combining this with the LcS culture starter, homogenization, mixing with natural flavors and coloring, and finally cooling after it has been properly packaged.

It is striking how on yogurt production and Yakult have common similarities.

Only Yakult has been scaled up since Dr. Shirota’s study of isolating the good bacteria produced in yogurts enabled the production of a unique lactobacilli casei strain that can endure harsh environments and be delivered in huge volume alive in the human intestine when taken.

Yakult is easy to drink

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Is normal yogurt better than Yakult, or vice versa, one may ask.

Both products are in fact beneficial to one’s health. While yogurt have been proven beneficial, probiotic drinks require studies to prove its effectiveness.

On this score, Yakult has established itself as a leading brand with known and documented benefits that increases by the day.

More so, Yakult is commonly available at most stores and is a easy to consume and affordable drink.



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