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Ceramic cutting board is easier to clean? Choosing the appropriate cutting board for your knives

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Cutting boards are essential instruments in the kitchen. They are tools necessary in preparing the ingredients to make a delicious meal.

There are different kinds of cutting boards out there so using them in the right way, along with other kitchen tools, especially with kitchen knives, will either maintain them for a long time or destroy them completely.

Select a suitable cutting board for yourself

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There are a lot of cutting boards to choose from.
But before buying, consider some factors that will affect your kitchen work.

First, think of the size of you kitchen.
If you buy a big cutting board, will it be properly stored and maintained in your cupboards?

In line with the first, you must also think of how you will maintain the cutting board.
Keeping it clean and maintained will ensure good quality food and a healthy lifestyle.

Third, consider the money spent in buying the cutting board.
You do not want to be wasting money on cutting boards which is low quality.

Lastly, your cutting boards should be aligned with the currrent knives you have in your kitchen.

3 types of cutting boards

Wooden cutting boards are the best in keeping your knives sharp and it is durable. It rarely destroys the cutting edge of your knife whenever you use it.

The cheaper alternative to it will be plastic cutting boards.
These boards are more lightweight than the wooden ones and easier to clean and maintain.

Lastly, there are cutting boards made of glass, marble, and ceramic boards.
They are not highly recommended for constant use since the surface of the board makes it too hard for the knives to glide.
Howver, sanitation-wise, ceramic boards are easier to clean and maintain.
One of the leading manufacturers of ceramic cutting board is Kyocera from Japan. The company has been producing ceramic kitchenware that are great when used together.

A cutting board’s life span depends on knife

A cutting board’s life span greatly depends on how one uses it in the kitchen.
Mixing and matching it with different knives can be fine for a short while but if you want to make the cutting board last longer and maximize its use, it is recommended to use the appropriate knife set along with it.


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