Is Yakult good for you? Good Health in a Tiny Bottle

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Yakult, the leading brand of probiotics drink had gained much popularity that its brand is almost synonymous to probiotics itself.

This isn’t all that surprising with Yakult having such a strong presence all over the world as it actually first started domestically in Japan and other countries in Asia.

So, with all this hype, one would ask, “Is Yakult really that good for you and is it actually healthy?”

And the answer is simply yes. Well, to be practical about it, Yakult has dominated the world market significantly.

It’s not a fad nor a flashy thing though that goes popular in the night and fizzles in the day. In fact, Yakult has been in busines since the early 1930’s and there seems to be no stopping Yakult.

Yakult’s LcS whose safety and health benefits have been scientifically proven

Any product, and absolutely any for that matter, would not reach a huge market and stay for a good part of a century if its claims are false.

Yakult, for that matter has been scientifically proven to offer significant health benefits with its unique probiotics content.

Our digestive system hosts both good and bad bacteria – trillions of it for that matter. The good bacteria or probiotics aid in digestion and boosting one’s immune system.

To aid the promotion of probiotics, one could simply take in a combination of food and food supplements whereas Yakult tops the line if just consumed alone.

Yakult does not contain just probiotics – but an exclusive strain of probiotics called Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (LcS).

LcS is a natural lactic culture which has been used to ferment milk used in curds. Yakult’s LcS is scientifically acknowledged as it is holder of the FOSHU (Food for Specified Health Uses) label from the Consumer Affair Agency from the Government of Japan.

This label is given to only obtained by products whose safety and health benefits have been scientifically proven by the agency.

Drinking Yakult daily has two main benefits

As the leader in probiotics drink, drinking Yakult everyday has two main benefits. First is the capacity to prevent digestive disorders and the second one is to help in building the immune system which can deter infections.

In improving the digestive system, Yakult lines up the intestinal tract and stimulate the production of mucus which blocks and kills the bad bacteria.

It ensures that food is properly digested and that toxins we consume from food and liquid are flushed out. With that being said, we reduce the risk of digestive complications as a whole.

On the other hand, Yakult also benefits our body by boosting our immune system. As Yakult’s LcS returns the balance of good bacteria, the absorption of necessary nutrients become at optimum level.

There had been studies of reduced instance and duration of upper respiratory tract infection for individuals who consume Yakult.

Just one bottle a day of Yakult provides multiple health benefits

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Nowadays, both young and adult alike experience more stress as a whole, exposure to toxins, unbalanced if not poor diet, food intolerance and lack of sleep which are all considerable factors to make one’s digestive system weak.

When this happens, it causes the bad bacteria to take over of about 60% – 80% of our immune system located in our digestive system. Good thing though is that just one bottle a day of Yakult provides multiple health benefits.



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