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Tips in using vegetable peelers. Have you used ceramic peelers?

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Chopping and slicing vegetables are just some of the common ways in preparing vegtables for being cooked. But before some vegetables are being sliced and chopped to pieces, their outer covering are peeled first.

There are also quite a number of vegetable peelers to choose from, depending on how tough the vegetable’s skin is.

Choose a good peeler in 3 simple to follow steps

Peeling vegetables, especially potatoes is one of the hardest task in the kitchen. One cannot predict how tough the vegetable skin will be so before buying a potato peeler or any other vegetable peeler, consider the following aspects of a good peeler.

The first one is the sharpness of the blade and the overall design of the product. If you use a certain peeler and it peels straight, leaving no skin behind, that would be considered a great peeler.
But if there are bits of the vegetable left on the peeler after washing, this would be a sign to look for a better peeler.

Second aspect to consider is the peeler’s blade. If the vegetable peeler can only peel thin skinned vegetables and/or fruits, look elsewhere. Likewise, you would not want having a peeler which really peels the skin regardless of how thick it is, but in the process of doing it, there are good portions of the vegetable peeled with the skin.

Lastly, feel the handling of the vegetable peeler in your hand. If after peeling few potatoes and carrots, your hand gets tired, look for an alternative.

3 types of recommended peelers

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Aside from these aspects, there are vegetable and fruit peeler designs that you can choose from.

There are Y-shaped peelers where the blade horizontally connects the two upper ends of the Y. The best example of this kind of peeler are Trovolo Magnetic Tri-Peeler and the Kuhn Rikon Orifinal 4-inch Swiss Peeler.

Next on the list is the straight peelers which has longer handles. The Kuhn Rikon Pirhana Swivel Peeler and the Swissmar Double-Edge Peeler are some of the notable straight peeler brands.

Thirdly, there are palm peelers where the overall design of these particular peelers are for gimmicks, professional chefs rarely recommend using these in the kitchen.

Lastly, there are ceramic peelers, which is the specialty of Kyocera. Ceramic peelers retain their sharpness and reliability when used over a long period of time but definetly not for the clumsy hands.

Peeling vegetables and fruits should be faster

Whether you prefer using Y-shaped peelers or straight peelers, consider the type of cooking preparation of your kitchen work.

Peeling vegetables and fruits should be faster since it comes before the slicing, chopping, and the likes. If you happen to be stuck at removing vegetable skin, look for alternative instruments to finish the work. Otherwise, the cooking time quality of the dish will be compromised.


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