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What is ceramic tactical knives? Who still uses tactical knives in the age of guns?

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Tactical knives have become one of the luxuries that a person can possess, since most people are more comfortable with using guns instead.

Despite this challenge there are still manufacturers who stayed in the business and contine to refine their product.
You can find some of the best tactical knives in Germany, United States, and of course, Japan.

Tanto and Samurai

Japanese knowledge on knives can be traced back to the Samurai era.

Aside from the swords that the samurai carry, they also have a ‘tanto, a 12-inch dagger usually used as a stabbing instrument. Quite similarly, the Japanese market adapted the standards of their ancestors.
Manufacturers offered ceramic tactical knives which can be easily carried and lightweight. Its weight halves the handling weight of the normal steel tactical knife.

They also made sure that these tactical knives can be easily concealed from the public eye. Perhaps this is to ensure less general panic to one’s own hobby.

Lastly, they made sure that these ceramic tactical knives retain their sharpness even after using it to a maximum of about 12 times.

The mentioned quality can be practically related to how samurai use their tantos during their years of service.
They have to be stealthy, swift, and precise with their movements.
Otherwise, it would be a disgrace to their lord and shameful to their name.

A Tactical knife is more important than gun

Extreme punishments for such actions may require them to commit hara-kiri and end their lives.
But the Age of Samurai have long been gone and modern society rarely use ceramic tactical knives for their everyday lives.
They will often choose guns for faster means of protection and the modern society is relatively peaceful compared to those times.

This begs the question, what are these knives for?

Most people will argue that these are bought in case of an emergency – a necessity for someone’s or your own survival.

Gun ammunition will run out eventually and for a survivalist mindset, one should be prepared for all possible circumstances.
If you happen to be trapped in a deserted island, guns are good to have in protecting yourself from wild animals.
But a trusty tactical knife can save your life from hunger.
You can hunt with a knife, catch animals for food, and create makeshift sleeping mats using tactical knives.

Quality ceramic tactical knife is made in Japan 

The long history of Japanese use of knives can be seen in how they make quality ceramic tactical knives.

From the Samurai period, Japan had been constantly redesigning and improving the quality of their knives.
This is great since no one can predict the future.

As survivalists, safety of everyone is the top priority and having reliable tactical knives may just be the key.


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