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Can ceramic knives be sharpened?Why are those the most preferred ones?

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Most of us prefer ceramic knives because it never goes dull ever after years of using it.

The sharpness of such knives remains the same for a good number of months and even years depending on the usage. But at some point in time, it needs some maintenance to keep its superior cutting performance.

Can ceramic knives be sharpened?

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Yes, it can be sharpened!

Any material that needs a sharpening requires a material that is harder than that. Ceramic knives are 9.5 in hardness whereas steel knives are just 6.5.

So, we obviously need a material which is harder than 9.5 to sharpen ceramic knives. Is there any such material with which can ceramic knives be sharpened? The answer to this is with the use of diamonds.

It has a hardness rating of 10 and is completely perfect to sharpen ceramic knives. We either seek the help of a professional for perfect results or we can do it ourselves at home. Of course, to choose a professional will deliver better results but it is also a more expensive choice.

If you do it at home, enough care should be taken as ceramic knives are brittle and can break when you apply too much pressure.

Reasons why we need knife sharpeners

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Ceramic knives are more similar to the steel knives but they are harder and brittle as well! We say yes when someone asks can ceramic knives be sharpened? But enough care is required while we sharpen it.

You can sharpen it in the same manner as scratching the knife blade on the sharpening stone repeatedly. It just makes your knife blade more shiner and shaper. In the case of steel knives, we get a burring sound while we scratch it against the stone.

So we at least know that we are on the right track and can stop it after a few repetitions. But we never get any such burr sounds with ceramic knives so it should be checked repeatedly for its sharpness before continuing the process. There are also a lot of ceramic sharpeners available on the market to choose from.

Most of them just do the job perfectly but a few leaves you with the same question can ceramic knives be sharpened? We are referring to the low quality ceramic knife sharpeners that are neither good in quality nor better in performance.

So it is better to take a look around at the types of available ceramic knife sharpeners out there before making your purchasing decision. Also, we get electric sharpeners but precaution should be taken while choosing one of those types. Many emerging ceramic knife sharpener manufacturers come to the market each year but they fail to produce efficient results.

Sharpening with long-lasting results needs careful selection and usage of the ceramic knife sharpeners.

How to handle a ceramic sharpener?

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When someone asks “can ceramic knives be sharpened?” You can obviously say yes with the upmost confidence now.

Before you buy, recommend or sharpen a ceramic knife, it is better to know how to handle it. Perfect care is a good solution to avoid issues with sharpness.

Firstly, it is a good practice to use a wooden cutting board instead of glass boards. You can also go for the one made of plastic. Secondly, never wash your knives with a scrubber and always hand wash them. Thirdly, be careful while you use ceramic knives in sinks as a small hit can easily chip the blade.

Most of us use sinks that are made of steel and it can damage your ceramic knives. So never drop your knives into the sinks as you place your other vessels there. Just wash it as soon as you have chopped the stuff.

Also, it is better not to chop frozen, thick or hard foods with ceramic knives. It’s best to allow the food to attain room temperature before you start cutting. Once finished it is recommended to store the ceramic knife in a protective sleeve and place it in a stand.

So which brand is worth buying?

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To name a few ceramic knife sharpeners, we have Kyocera, Heim Concept, VOS Professional Classic Ceramic Knife, MioShef, etc. All of them are good in quality and durability.

Out of all these brands, Kyocera is the major brand and re-sharpening is also easier here! It has advanced ceramic knife set too but it costs more. Anyhow, it is a one-time investment and you can use it for a longer time!

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