KIRIN Milk Tea

Kirin Milk Tea: A Series of Afternoon Tea

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The subject of “tea” has baffled me for a long time. Tea originated from China and is native to Asia. The stereotype is if you’re Asian you must be a tea lover. The British also owes much of their identity from tea.

It is part of their civilization. So much for thinking that Tea is Asian huh. Well I am Asian but I am not fond of drinking tea. I might have tasted it, tasted meaning I’ve had a bit maybe half a cup in my entire lifetime, but didn’t like it.

In fact I hate everything about it. The brownish color not very attractive you know. The pungent odor it’s as if it smelled almost like a ginger. And I hate ginger.

Tea, my first impression was it wasn’t much of a delight

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So why do I hate tea? I’ve asked myself this several times as well. The realization kicked in. I hated it because the first time I’ve had it was bad.

I remember pulling out one sad looking teabag out of a box and to a cup of hot water it goes. No sugar, honey or lemon. And did it taste good? NO. Good heavens no. Blame it to our fondness of anything instant, instant tea, coffee, noodles, etc.

And this happened in a time of my life where anything foul looking drink is foreign to me. Trivia, I and my siblings weren’t allowed to drink any color carbonated drinks until we were 12. Thanks Mom! So my first impression was it wasn’t much of a delight.

A strawberry flavored tea changed my mind

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Thinking about it my impression would have been different if I what I’ve had was the tea that I enjoy now. I have a cousin who works for an aspiring tea farmer.

He’s had frequent trips abroad attending seminars, doing research and meeting up with tea farmers to learn how to cultivate the business. Whenever he comes home from the trip he would always bring different types of tea.

I would always have my share. I don’t want to embarrass him so I would gladly accept. One time he gave me a strawberry flavored tea. It’s granulated and is packaged inside a teabag!

Disappointing but the aroma was hard to resist. It didn’t smell anything like tea but smelled like strawberries. The aroma gripped me instantly I just had to taste it, it was so so good. I liked it very much.

And it dawned to me a drink as boring as a tea could be marketed to untutored taste such as mine it only takes a little twist to the flavor. Don’t get me wrong the strawberry tea wasn’t sweet at all. It tasted and smelled like strawberry without the sugary taste.

KIRIN Milk Tea, Series of Afternoon Tea

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So let’s talk about Milk Tea. It’s everywhere. It’s seldom that you can’t find milk teas on vending machines from down the street or from your local cafes.

Milk teas have been such a hit you can even get it at your local convenience store. My personal favorite is the Kirin Afternoon Tea. It is in this drink that I learned to love milk teas.

So how does the Kirin Afternoon Tea fare with its competitors? For starters they kept the packaging simple which makes it easy to spot it amongst the sea of drinks you find in a stall.

And the image of The Duchess of Bedford at the top of the brand name is hard to miss. For us who don’t have any idea of who the duchess is, Anna Russell, the Duchess of Bedford made the afternoon tea acceptable to the civilized world.

Can we thank her enough now eh? The Milk Tea written across the label is so obvious you wouldn’t mistake it for a chocolate drink.

The Kirin Afternoon Tea Special can easily be mistaken with chocolate drinks as the 70% of the bottle is transparent. So no worries folks the label is there for obvious reasons.

Rich Taste

What about the taste? I specially love how the tea and milk is combined. The tea with its tangy and distinct taste infused with the creamy milk taste. It’s bitter but with its variant mix it gives it the more different taste.

It has this rich taste that makes you want to finish it all off instantly. That gives you the excuse to get your next bottle. It tickles your taste buds that you feel good right away.

You just want to have the Kirin Afternoon Milk Tea all throughout the day. Wait would be a mortal sin to have it in the morning??? After all it’s called afternoon tea for a reason.

No matter. It’s not how a drink is labeled that dictates you how you enjoy it. Besides would it be good for the company who made these heavenly drinks to just stop the stereotype.

Who cares if I do my Kirin Afternoon Tea in the morning or for lunch and what about dinner? Would you judge? I won’t.


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