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It has been gloomy for days. The wicked rain would tease a little amount of shower and be gone. Little to no rain feels humid with the absence of the wind. Dark clouds hover above like it’s about to drop hell from kingdom come.

This type of weather gives me the lazy mood. I am very discouraged to get out of bed and just want to stay snuggled with my pillows all day only if I could. So what to do on a bed weather like this?

Bring out your book, adjust your spectacles and turn on your music to early 90’s. Doesn’t that sound so good?

I know I would or I would stare at my cellphone scroll on the newsfeed and silently laugh at how silly people can be on social media. Ah how the times have changed.

To jumpstart your day, Coffee maybe

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This is a good idea for people who won’t have to worry about deadlines. But for mere mortals like us who need to work their days off to get through life we need to get up fire up ourselves for a long day ahead.

How about something to jumpstart your day huh? Coffee maybe? Yes nothing better than the idea of coffee on a cold rainy day hot coffee preferably. So I mustered all my will to get up from my bed and fix myself a cup of coffee.

And I thought what would become of me if without coffee. It has been my lifesaver ever since. If I needed to wake up early and battle the busy buzz of the day or stay up late at night to finish a paper.

I could never go wrong with a cup of coffee in my hand.

Coffee has played a vital part in our everyday lives.

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Coffee has played a vital part in our everyday lives. While not everyone can be considered savvy coffee drinkers but I bet everyone has had their fair share of cup too without the savvy of course.

In fact coffee has been cultivated deep into our lives that we’ve dedicated shops entirely of serving different types of coffee. There are a lot and sure we have our own preferences as well.

As for me I only know 2 types of coffee. I refuse to acknowledge that there are a million ways coffee can be made to. I am backwards like that. I only know black and sweet coffee with milk.

I like them both that any other coffee comes next to nothing. I love my black coffee bitter with a little sugar in it but most days I prefer my sweet milky coffee hot or cold.

Kirin Fire, isn’t anything spicy at all. It’s sweet and refreshing

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A call for coffee doesn’t necessarily have to be inside the premises of your home. You can even have one even when you’re outdoors. Like for example in my case whenever I’m out and headed somewhere I sometimes bring with me my coffee fix.

Just needed to hit the convenience store and get my favorite fix Kirin Fire. At first I didn’t know this is coffee because come to think of it, coffee labeled with fire? Isn’t that confusing?

I really thought the name had something to do with being spicy. What else could you associate with fire being on a drink huh? But to my surprise it isn’t anything spicy at all. It’s oh so sweet and refreshing especially when it’s cold.

The coffee aroma is hard to miss but you won’t neglect the sweetness smell of the milk in it. It’s so finely mixed you can’t tell if the bitterness of the coffee overpowers the milk’s sweetness.

You can tell the distinct taste of the two main ingredients apart but you enjoy them both in all its richness. Aroma and taste big hit!

Sunny or windy a fix of cold Kirin Fire could instantly quench your thirst. If you need your daily dose of sugar rush you can easily get that from just a bottle of this yummy coffee drink.

Just like me who is a full pledged coffee drinker I don’t worry if I get stuck somewhere needing my coffee.

I always have my Kirin Fire with me. I always make sure that whenever I have my fix it’s only Kirin Fire.


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