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Are Ceramic Knives Considered Good or Bad? 

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Making the choice between a ceramic knife or a steel knife depends on the person but certainly one is superior to the other in different aspects.

Ceramic knives are widely preferred as they are a harder grade than steel knives but there are a few reasons to avoid those knives as well.

What makes ceremic knives special compare to other ordinary knives?

Let us here identify why ceramic knives are good? If they are good, then in which aspect are they good or bad! The sharpness of ceramic knives lasts longer whereas steel knives often need to be sharpened after use.

When it comes to the costs, the latter ones are cheaper but do keep in mind the maintenance costs as well.

Yes, steel knives require more frequent sharpening but if you own a knife sharpener, then you need not to worry about that. There should be some reason that most people prefer ceramic knives than the other types.

Are ceramic knives good and are they are sufficient enough to handle any type of food cutting? The partial answer is yes as ceramic knives can cut herbs, vegetables and other types of food at room temperature.

When you wish to cut frozen food or any hard bones, then they won’t be suitable for that occassion since ceramic knives are brittle and can easily be chipped when used on frozen or hard types of food.

Instead of that why people tend to use ceramic knives then? These knives do not need frequent aftercare services such as sharpening and can last for years.

Also, ceramic is harder than steel to chop food fast and perfect.

Odorless and easy to wash!

The most important part of a knife is the blade and the material in which it is made of.

The quality of the blades decides the quality and durability of knives. The ceramic knives are made of ceramic blades and mostly of plastic handles.

The ceramic is the second hardest material and is next to diamonds. Practically, we cannot use knives with diamond blades as that would be really expensive.

So to answer the question if ceramic knives are good? We can easily say that ceramic cultary are one of the best choices out there!

The blade never wears out quickly and remains in excellent precise cutting condition for years. Also, we should be aware that most ceramic knife manufacturers sharpen it for free as they do not need frequent sharpening.

On the other hand with steel knives, they often need to be frequently sharpened after use. There is an advantage for ceramic knife users that it never transfers odor from one food item to the other.

This means that you can cut an item that has a distinct smell to it and then you can cut fruits or other food items after washing the knife off with plain water. This is made possible as ceramic blades do not have many pores to retain the odor.

So to answer are ceramic knives good? they are obviously good to handle your kitchen needs!

The aftercare or maintenance of ceramic knives is really easier as they have fewer pores to collect the dirt or grease.

You can simply rinse it with warm water and that’s enough to keep it clean! You are completely free from tough scrubbings that a steel knife needs.

Diamond technology of Kyocera

6418144183_5ede0fb60f_bPhoto by Jepster/Flickr

The industrial diamonds in the sharpeners have higher degree of hardness and wear resistance. Such qualities enable us to sharpen steel, ceramic or titan knives with the sharpener.

So how to sharpen ceramic knives is no more of a question like diamond auto sharpeners from Kyocera had already come up with an excellent solution.

You just need to decide on whether you need a manually operated or electric-operated sharpener and both of them deliver great results.

The latter is it is expensive than the former but it makes the job quicker and simpler.

Also the auto adjust functionality adjusts the position of grinding stones to fit the knife perfectly. So as a user you need not do any alterations on the grinding stones!

Ceramic knives is the better choice

There should be some reasons to support the question, are ceramic knives good? We have a lot of reasons to support the argument in a positive manner.

Firstly, ceramic knives generally speaking, are lighter in weight which helps to reduce the stress on your arms and shoulders.

The use of a ceramic knife will enable you to cut quickly with ease and since ceramic material is not prone to rusting, you can use it for a long period of time.

Speaking about some of the down sides, ceramic knives are brittle in nature and just a small slip can cause great damage to the blade.

Since ceramic knives are quite expensive than steel knives, they are not best-suited for all purpose cutting in the kitchen.

If you wish to enjoy a great, easier and faster slicing experience, then just go ahead with a ceramic knife!

You can pick from any of the popular kitchen brands such as MoiChef, Oliver & Kline, Kyocera, Heir Concept, VOS Professional, and Dalstrong.



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