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What makes Uniqlo shirts with anime characters so special?

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Uniqlo shirts especially T-shirts come with a variety of anime and the word ‘anime’ is a short form of animation. It features a range of characters and most of them are popular ones.

Uniqlo reflects quality, durability, and simplicity in all its products. The airs clothes from Uniqlo are best suited to be worn with comfort and you can enjoy odor-free dressing as well!

The company had run a promotional campaign titled, “Try Uniqlo Airism For Free” and had gifted Uniqlo airism clothes worth $14.90 for each winner. The campaign was so successful that it brought more consumers to the already existing huge pool of customers.

Anime lovers are so happy with these UT collaboration

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The brand also prints famous characters or manga to celebrate or to notify few important occasions. One among them is the printing of ‘One Piece” for its 20th anniversary and the fans of one piece were in true joy to wear such Uniqlo t-shirts!

Uniqlo never stopped with that and it came with innovation in it’s every launch. When it launches the one piece, all the Uniqlo t-shirts had a tag on its right sleeve showing you as a Jolly Roger icon. The youth wears it with pride showing the tag among themselves Asia that had earned a certificate of merit.

Why did Uniqlo start collaborating with characters?

The Uniqlo brand is constantly taking efforts in collaboration with various other brands and one such is the collaboration with PEANUTS.
With that happening, the peanut fans enjoyed their favorite character Snoopy on their t-shirts. Those Uniqlo t-shirts featured almost 12 variations for men, 5 for children and 9 for women.

The team Uniqlo is bringing fantastic collections in collaboration with various other brands to impress its fans every year. It features anime t-shirts of every size ranging from small to xl for the adults and from 100 cm to 150 cm for kids. The prices are comparatively cheaper and it starts from $15 or so.

We should also talk about One Piece, one of the famous anime characters of Japan. It is been admired by millions of kids and even some adults are crazy about it. So the brand took a wise decision by bringing the manga on their t-shirts. It was a bonanza for the one piece fans and they crowed the Uniqlo shops including online stores.

So what makes UT so special?

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The greatest secret of UT was, all of them had great color combinations that catch the attention of customers at the first sight. The brand works with a talented team to improve its designs and creations year-by-year. Only a few developing brands understand the need to analyze the trends and the Uniqlo is one among those.

This is really a positive sign for the growth of the company and, in turn, the number of customers. The Uniqlo customers are distributed all around the world mainly because of its online presence and widespread distribution network. The brand has partnered with a lot of IP owners and some being Warner Bros, Sesame Workshop, etc.

In an effort to ensure its global presence, Uniqlo had launched retailing along with Disney Consumer Products and featured anime characters such as Marvel, Pixar, Disney and Star Wars. These characters are loved by a huge crowd all over the world and form a great strategy to boost up its sales!

Items totally worth buying

The Uniqlo t-shirts are being recommended by various people not only for the brand name but also for the level of comfort, style, and trendiness it offers to its users.

Ranging from underwear to various other designed anime t-shirts, the brand is truly a great choice who value comfort. Of course, few people say that they are costly! But it’s worth it. Yes, rather than paying less for something and using it just a few times, you can pay more for an item that will last.

It’s simple and only the users understand it! Nowadays, people are curious about choosing colors, designs, shapes, size of their clothing and for such a crowd Uniqlo shirts are one of the best choices!
Also, tight-fitting or too baggy clothes spoils one’s appearance. The Uniqlo products are designed with almost care to feature various sizes, shapes, and colors.

So you can get rolled or regular sleeves, slim-fitting or normal fitting garments, bigger or narrow waist mid-sections on your t-shirts. All you need to do is a careful selection of the various choices from Uniqlo t-shirts!!


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