KIRIN Mets Cola

Kirin Mets Cola

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Just got off the phone with my mom even though she lives 3 minutes away but constantly does Skype with me. She would call me and tell me stuff ranging from what I had for lunch or would I consider loaning her money.

I think she just makes up these excuses to talk to me and coerce me to join their early morning jogging party. Yes folks you heard that right my Mom together with her sister and some cousins religiously jog from 3:00am to 5:00am every day.

She would go on bragging on how she felt good after every jog and that I should do the same. She knows I sit all day typing my life away in front of my computer. Thanks Mom for reminding me every single time that I need to sweat.

Does KIRIN Mets Cola help us lose weight or be healthy?

I have never been health conscious. I want to but I just don’t have the motivation to do it. I eat whatever I like. I drink whenever I feel like drinking. I even do the stick once in a while. I know many of us millennial have the same dilemma.

Imagine how ironic it is that we are at this time of the century where all health improving materials are available in just a click but are too busy to actually do it.

If there is only a miracle food or drink that can instantly help us lose weight or be healthy. Wait there is right?

Well as a matter of fact there is. Folks presenting Kirin Mets Cola the miracle cola! It didn’t take long for Kirin to make this wonder. Oh I love you Kirin! When this was first introduced I, like everyone else was skeptical.

I’ve got lots of questions. Is it even possible? Is this drink for real or are they just trying to sell us another soda beverage that promises health benefits but then ends up being a total gimmick.

Is this cola going to be another rip off?

I did a little research and the answers to my my questions were easily found right away! There are a lot of things in Kirin Mets Cola that can easily beat other brands.

Kirin Mets Cola is the first cola cleared by Japan’s strict Foods

14178965069_75229cd0a1_kPhoto by Zeta.Masa/Flickr

Did you know that Kirin Mets Cola is the first cola cleared by Japan’s strict Foods for specified Health Uses (FOSHU), regulated by Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association (JHNFA)? No? Well yes they are they got clearance to prove that. Wow!

So why so they call Kirin Mets Cola the healthy cola? According to Kirin the formula of this drink contains an indigestible form of Dextrin. Dextrins are a group of low-molecular-weight carbohydrates produced by the hydrolysis of starch or glycogen.

What it does is it limits our body’s ability to take in fat while we munch down calories. This is a breakthrough that is most helpful especially for people who like me can’t say no to fast food.

Imagine eating your burger or pizza with Kirin Mets Cola. It’s going to be perfect.

But I have to say the taste is a whole different matter. Honestly I wasn’t expecting much out of a cola advertised as a healthy drink. I have tasted other diet colas so I did have a general idea on how it tastes.

What’s typical for diet colas is the sweetness you find in your regular coke is missing. This drink is well carbonated though so it is still best for quenching your thirst.

A soda for the health conscious

No matter the principle is sound we need an alternative for sodas that can help us restrict the fat we absorb from all the food we take in. And I am just so thankful that there is a company out there who is sensitive in what regular consumers need.

This breakthrough is not farfetched. It isn’t the wonder drink that can instantly turn us sexy and healthy but it is definitely something that is way better than the regular colas.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys the fast food goodness of pizzas, hamburgers or any other high calorie foods and loves colas, you could do yourself a little favor by giving in to your wants once in a while but make sure to have Kirin Mets Cola as well.

KIRIN Mets Cola


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