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Ceramic frying pans or Steel frying pans, Which is safer to use when cooking?

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The food industry has a lot of innovations in the past years.

Productions time was maximized to cater to the increasing population. In line with it, more people became conscious of what they eat. They created frying pans with various materials to address their needs.One of which was their invention of ceramic frying pans.

Ceramic frying pan is good for us

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Before diving in to discussing ceramic frying pans, there are a lot of options to choose from when buying frying pans.

You can buy frying pans made of cast iron, carbon steel, Teflon, stainless or non-stick aluminum, and copper.Each kind has their own benefits and drawbacks when used for cooking, being cleaned and maintained, and the quality of food.

Having these as your basis in buying the best frying pan in the market, you must consider buying ceramic frying pans instead.

Ceramic frying pans are frying pans made of hardened clay then coated with silicon and oxygen.These inorganic materials made these ceramic frying pans more environment friendly and more heat resistant (up to 450 degrees Celcius).

If you happen to accidentally heat the pan beyond 450 degrees Celcius, the pan will not exhaust toxic fumes that will harm the body where inhaling these fumes can cause cancer and other diseases.

Ceramic frying pans from Kyocera

There are a lot of ceramic frying pans manufacturers some of which are WearEver, Cook N Home, Rachel Ray,GreenLife, and T-fal Initiatives.The most leading and trusted manufacturers comes from the United States.

The FDA in the U.S. inspects these cookware and ensures the public that it is safe to cook with.But this does not mean that there is a monopoly of ceramic frying pans in the market.

Believe it or not, one of the leading manufacturer of ceramic frying pans is made by Kyocera (Japan).

They have a wide rage of ceramic frying pans which are all durable, easy to clean, and provides equal heat distribution when used in cooking.
Aside from these pans, Kyocera as a brand specializes in ceramic kitchenware.Knives and pots are just some of their products.

Contrastingly, ceramic-based frying pans are prone to having the food stick to the surface. The ‘non-stick’ edge of other frying pans cannot be applied to these kind of frying pans.
But other than that, ceramic frying pans are both environment-friendly and healther to use when cooking.

kyocera frying pans

Health bases on your choice

In choosing which frying pan to use when cooking, always consider the purpose of why you are cooking: to sustain a healthy life or lives, if possible.
Using ceramic frying pans as your instrument in cooking might just be the answer to your goal.


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