Kirin Free Beer: A non-alcoholic beer

Photo by Osamu Kato/Flickr

Is a beer still a beer if it’s free of alcohol? Surprisingly yes. There are people who shy away from drinking sessions and I am one of those.

You know I try to be normal at times and challenge myself to enjoy a can of beer if the occasion calls it.

Does alcohol free beer taste good?

Honestly for me the taste isn’t my type. I’m mostly for sweets. I dislike anything with no taste or something that is most bitter. Then there’s this lingering thought of self-doubt whenever I am under the influence of alcohol.

I’d like to believe I am at my best behavior when I’ve had a can or two but I know I am not. Sadly I easily get drunk. And I’ve been to so many misadventures during or after a drinking occasion and some of them were nearly unpleasant.

So I try to stay away from invitations. I even turn some of them down deliberately especially if I know that I would be forced to gulp down a can or two.

Pressure people! You could never say no to a drink or two especially if you’d just finished a plate full of food from their party.

Enjoy the drinks without the hope of getting drunk

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So what do non-drinkers like me wish for? We look for a drink that we can totally enjoy without the hope of getting drunk. I gave in to a friend’s invite once to a birthday party.

Usually I would say no but this particular friend was so persistent and a no answer would mean end of friendship.
So when I first entered the room full of people at their best party mood I felt a little awkward.

And when the party host finally welcomed me into her arms and gave me that kiss on the cheek I knew then that I was at their mercy. Overreaction you can say.

I looked at my friend’s face looking all panicky and needing a rescue. I thought she would but she handed me over my first can of beer instead.

And the lot never let her eyes off me not until I had my drink so I gave in and just opened the Kirin Free can and waited for the bitter sensation to touch my mouth.

But whoah was I surprised! My friend gave me that reassuring look and left me to tend for myself.

Kirin Free

3848395853_3eb131d4ce_bPhoto by Osamu Ito/Flickr

So to say, enjoy the party. So I gripped the Kirin Free can in my hand and gulped some more. I looked on the beer and thought I’ve never tasted anything like it.

Kirin Free is just one of the many beverages manufactured and distributed by Kirin Brewery Company. Their beverage ranges from alcohol and non-alcohol beers, fruit drinks, tea drinks, and bottled water.

The company originated from Japan. I didn’t know they make a beer that tastes as good as this Kirin Free beer

First it has this distinct taste that gets you in the mood right away. So I tried to check the beer content on its label and was surprised to find that it still has malt after all.

But the essence is that the malt, the type that typically get your drunk, is tolerable. It has none to minimal alcohol.

So that’s a check for me. The geek in me instantly got curious so I grabbed my phone and did some research.

Other ingredients

Other ingredients are dietary fiber, high-fructose corn syrup, hops, acidity regulator, flavor, amino acid of condiment, vitamin C as an oxidant and here’s a fun fact, bittering agent. That’s why it still got that beer taste.

If you want to cut back from the calories as well then I suggest you grab this beer instead. The difference between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer is that beers that has more alcoholic content has more calories compared to non-alcoholic beer.

I checked and read that every 11.3 ounce serving gives you only 60 calories. It’s 0.00% alcohol by volume.

So if the food you eat is screaming of calories then at least your beer isn’t! But if you’re health conscious it’s always low calorie intake with proper diet and exercise of course.

This is good news for people who wish to drink but are in medication, pregnant or if you’re like me who wants to enjoy a drink but doesn’t want to get drunk.

What about the taste

What about the taste? Between you and me I would very much prefer this Kirin Free beer even over a juice drink.

It tastes a little bit like your usual beer a bit bitter like any other but very flavorful. You know that sweet taste but isn’t sweet at all weird right?

So going back would a beer still be considered beer if it’s alcohol free? Alcohol drinkers would shun away just from that very thought.

But for people like me Kirin Free is a gem! Does it also take away the fun?

I beg to disagree. Being drunk is in no way fun! We all have a different definition of what fun is. Others consider getting wasted fun, I don’t judge. Hey whatever rocks your boat! I’m totally fine with that.

Wasted self

Let us not forget that there are also others who prefer to jump in in the fun without wanting to embarrass themselves.

Not that getting wasted is embarrassing but it’s what you unconsciously or consciously do during your “wasted self” is.

As for myself I dread to think what I can do so I try not to. I didn’t know that non-alcoholic beer is a thing, not till now.

Yes, I am ignorant that way been living in caves for so long. And amongst all non-alcoholic beers Kirin Free is the bomb!


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