Kirin Ichiban Beer

Top photo by KMF164/Flickr

It’s less than a month away from Christmas and you know what they say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! I could actually hear the song ringing in my ears. Well not for everyone!

This is the craziest time of the year for me at least. From October to January is just full schedule. Family gatherings, school reunions, endless parties, food to eat and loads of stuff at work to be done! Ugh!
Can we just have a break, a real break?! No I can’t because you know, life happens. And adulting is real! Hah!

Partying is my dilemma

32980916861_1691724e18_kPhoto by Dick Thomas Johnson/Flickr

They say that we all deserve a break and partying is one great way to break from the chaos that is life.
But partying is just too strenuous for a boring person like me. Hey don’t get me wrong I could always end up in a gathering where I can totally enjoy myself. However I do hate it when I have to host a party. Like this one that I am dreading to imagine.

My husband’s birthday falls on after Christmas and before New Year and since it’s the holidays I know everybody is in town! And my husband bless him is not like your average Joe. He’s got loads of friends everywhere. Like somebody’s gonna go up to him and say hi and I would just stand there not having a clue who this and who’s that.

So my dilemma is this, how do I make sure that I could host a party for him that he’s going to enjoy much as his family and friends? How do I cater for a big family and lots of friends huh?

Checking beer drinking

So as early as October I prepare. Listing of food to serve, checking on drinks to have and making sure everything’s gonna be fine at the end. You know how these “guy friends” enjoy their party,

it’s like synonymous to “beer drinking” hah! Never mind the food everything you serve I’m sure is gonna be gone after 60 seconds. But the drink this is going to be tricky.Beer of course is going to be on top of the list and maybe a little bit of vodka and my personal favorite tequila.

So the quest for beer starts. I checked for the beers available at the grocery and I was quite smitten by this KIRIN ICHIBAN BEER.

I googled and checked for reviews and I was not disappointed. It was all good so I was curious. But reading reviews is not enough for me I had to get one for myself.

The first sip was heaven. I didn’t realize I was thirsty until I had my first taste! I had to close my eyes and savor the goodness that is KIRIN ICHIBAN BEER. Surely there are other beers out there but I had to stop for this 100% pure malt beer.

The taste of pale lager and the aroma is just catching! I can clearly taste a hint of an apple almost fruity, a faint aroma of some flowers (isn’t that weird though, no matter I like my beer), some grains. The crisp taste is interesting certainly not boring.

The caramel taste is hard to miss. So now I’m torn between the sweet and citrusy taste. The bottle pours a clear golden color it’s also well carbonated obviously from the foam on top. Not too strong and not too bitter. It’s packaged in a tall brown almost dark bottle. It almost looked regal.


4766989712_26378390ea_bPhoto by Naotake Murayama/Flickr

This beer is effortlessly unforgettable and so I thought to get a bunch of it and make this a regular on our fridge. So now I don’t only get to ease my problem on what to have on my hubby’s birthday but I have a beer that I can easily grab.

I can now relax and think through the parties I will have and forget about all the worries. And speaking of parties I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family. I’m pretty sure everyone’s gonna love KIRIN ICHIBAN BEER!


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