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Kirin Beer Review: What kind of beer is Kirin?

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The commercial description of Kirin Ichiban beer describes it as finest barley malt, premium hops, smooth finish and no bitter aftertaste.

It is also noted that Anheuser-Busch, a brewing company based in USA, began brewing Kirin Lager, Kirin Light and Kirin Ichiban at its Los Angeles brewery in 1997.

The agreement marked that the first time Anheuser-Busch Company has produced foreign brands (Japanese brand) for sale in the United States.

The name Kirin is the name of an ancient mythical beast in Japan

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The commercial description of Kirin Megumi First Press Lager describes that the Kirin Premium Reserve Beer – First Press Method is for a pure smooth taste which also says that the Kirin is since 1888.

In Japan, it is noted that purity is one of the highest pursuits in the brewing business.

With Kirin beer it reveals itself in the special method of “Ichiban,” which is a word meaning “first” in Japanese.

It describes that, the first liquid drawn from the finest barley malt mash only is then combined with noble hops.

This first press method ensures its purity and smoothness which results as a premium reserve beer.

The name Kirin is the name of an ancient mythical beast in Japan that fortells the coming of festive and joyful events.

It is also considered that, when the Kirin appears, good beer and good fortune are soon to follow.

Lion Nathan, the company in Australia, has launched a new addition to its portfolio of premium beers which is Kirin Ichiban First Press Beer.

This launch is the result of a manufacturing and distribution agreement between Lion Nathan in Australia and the Kirin Brewery Company in Japan.

This agreement covers the Japan based brewed versions of Kirin Lager and Kirin Ichiban that have ceased to be imported into Australia and New Zealand.

Both of them have been replaced with the locally brewed version of Kirin Ichiban First Press Beer.

Also the premium lager is brewed and bottled at the Australian Lion Nathan’s Malt Shovel Brewery which is located in Camperdown, Sydney, and it features that the new packaging graphics will be unique to both the countries (Australia and New Zealand).

The managing director of Lion Nathan, Andrew Reeves said that the Kirin Ichiban was a natural fit for the current portfolio of the company.

According to Reeves, the Kirin Ichiban First Press Beer combines its strong cultural heritage of the Kirin brand with the pure, smooth taste of a locally-brewed premium beer and he expects that the beer would be embraced by people as the premium beer market in Australia continues to grow.

What people are saying about Kirin

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Talking about the people’s reviews about the Kirin, most of the people find it as amazing beer while a few have different tastes and opinion about it.

Some people considers it as Corny and grainy aroma, even though the bottle says “100% Malt” on the front of it.

It has a sweet pilsner malt flavour but overall it’s not dull and unexciting.

This beer also pours a typical amber color for a lager and nice white finger of head which is very little lacing on the glass.

It is a very much easy drinking beer; however it is just as bland as many other.

This is clear and yellow with almost one inch of white foam that may be a little sticky.

Its nose and flavour are super malty and the first sip finished with a lot of corn which was a bit off putting.

This is not the case on any of the drinks allowing people to enjoy the sweet but clean malty goodness.

Some people say that, they were already a big fan of the Kirin Ichiban of Japan, which has really a great taste.

So this is really not a surprise that the Kirin Megumi First Press they had the chance to try in Australia was one of the best if not the best beer they tried there.

Some people consider it very tasty and also they can conveniently open the bottle capsule by turning it without a bottle opener.


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