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Kirin Brewery Yokohama Plant

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The Kirin Brewery Plant in Yokohama is approximately a 10 minute walk from the south exit of Namamugi Station on the Keikyu Main Line, which is just a 20 minute 280 yen train ride from Shinagawa Station or a 13 minute 160 yen train ride from Yokohama Station. One can also access the Kirin Brewery Plant 15 minutes by walk from JR Shin-Koyasu Station on the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line, which is about a 290 yen 20 minute train ride from from Shinagawa Station or a 160 yen 6 minute train ride from Yokohama Station.

Kirin Brewery Company tours last around 80 minutes

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The Kirin Brewery Company is one of the four major beer breweries in Japan which was founded in Yokohama, a city that played a major role in adoption of beer from the West to Japan.

There are a number of tourists who visit the Kirin Beer Factory in Yokohama and participate in free tours of brewery, which offer a glance into the brewing facilities and also include some beer tasting.

The brewery tours are free of charge and are conducted every day except on Mondays when the Kirin Beer Factory is closed. The tour hour begins every hour between 10:00 and 16:00, but however it is recommended to make reservations in advance.

However, if any Monday falls under a national holiday, the factory remains open as usual, but will be closed on the following day.

The brewery tours last around 80 minutes and lead along a gallery with the displays regarding the history of beer and the Kirin and with the views of its fermentation tanks and the canning as well as bottling areas.

These tours are usually conducted in Japanese language, but also English guidance may be available.

The last 20 minutes of the tour also includes a free tasting experience, where visitors are provided complimentary three different kinds of beers to taste along with snacks.

However it is not only the tasting time, the guide also shows about how to pour beer into a glass to make it taste better and more tempting.

The Kirin Company has a long history that is very closely tied to the history of beer in Japan.

After the opening of the company for foreign trade in the country, beer began to grow and to thrive in Japan in the around the period of 1868-1912, and especially so in the international port city of Yokohama.

Visitors can choose three glasses of fresh beer

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Since, beer is the most popular alcoholic drink choice in Japan and there are a number of interesting beers and its history to discover here.

The Kirin Yokohama Beer Factory is one of nine factories of Kirin Group (Chitose, Toride, Sendai, Nagoya, Yokohama, Kobe, Shiga, Fukuoka and Okayama) in Japan and each factory offers free tours that last about 80 minutes.

The tour covers its way around different parts of the factory by offering the views from above through the observation windows of different parts of the manufacturing process.

As you can see, several hundreds of cans and bottles of beer go shooting through machines in the factory production line at a very high speed!

According to some guides, about 2,000 cans of beer are filled and packed each and every minute.

The history of Kirin is displayed through a series of panels when the tour is about to end.

Towards the near end of the tour, visitors reach at tasting bar where they receive voucher tickets that they exchange for three glasses of fresh beer of their choice.

The selections on tap include Ichiban-shibori, Lager, and Stout (the black beer); also the beers really hit the spot after walking throughout the factory.

If you are curious about the tour of Kirin’s beer and the beer manufacturing process, you should not miss taking a tour at Kirin Beer Village in Yokohama which is really a very good experience and a lot of fun.

As you will also receive three different types of beers for free, you might enjoy it so much that you will feel the urge to go there every weekend!

1-17-1 Namamugi, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
(〒230-8628 神奈川県横浜市鶴見区生麦1-17-1 キリンビール(株)横浜工場)



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