Who is Angela Rye’s Husband? Lovelife about Angela Rye

Who is Laura’s husband?
Let me introduce her lover and her lovelife.


Angela Rye is a prestigious American lawyer born in Seattle Washington on October 26, 1979. She is the director of the General Political Defense Company of IMPACT Strategies based in Washington, DC, but he also serves as a political commentator for the CNN news network.

In her curriculum, she has been general counsel and executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus for the 112th Congress, among other senior executive and academic positions.

She graduated from the University of Washington and also a law school at the University of Seattle. He comes from a middle-class family.

Her father is Eddie Rye Jr., a social activist and small business consultant and his mother, Andrea Rye, is a retired college administrator.


Although some sites on the internet insist that he has a secret love, as it is speculated that dating someone, so far no one has been able to unravel this unknown.

She is not married and does not have a boyfriend either. There are no details of any relationship current or prior to your professional success.

What all the commentators of the American show agree is that Angela Rye seems to be more married to her profession and her work, hence her resounding professional success.

Despite being a woman who is constantly on TV and in the media, so far she has not said anything about having a boyfriend or be looking for him.

The talented and beautiful CNN analyst should not miss suitors. Maybe one day surprise us with sentimental news.

Previous Relationships

No current or previous Angela Rye sentimental relationship is known. Nor does he say anything about it. She prefers to stay away from the subject.

Instead, she makes a great effort to stay united with those who helped her to be what she is today: her parents.

Ideal Type

Rye is a real interracial mix. His father is a man of African descent while his mother is a Caucasian woman. Her mixed origin is what gives her a charming body and a slender figure, is 5 feet 9 inches and thin curves.

She has not revealed yet which type of ideal man and as no boyfriend is known, it is not possible to speculate about the one that most closely approximates his refined tastes.

Opinions on Marriage

Angela is a woman with an ingenious character that can not be dispatched with a no answer. It is the type of woman to be
convinced with arguments.

Those who know her comment that she is a determined and determined woman who at 37 has a career that has given him fame and also, surely, a good heritage.

But he does not talk about having marriage plans. She assures the public that he is not a lesbian either.


He has no plans for children for now. Surely only when you decide to leave your extended singleton life you begin to think about having a family.

Ideal Dating Situation

She does not talk about special moments that she would like to have next to her or where she would like to have a date with the man of her life.

Everything around his sentimental life is a true mystery that no means of communication has managed to unravel.


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