Who is Susan Boyle’s Husband? Lovelife of Susan Boyle

Susan Magdalane Boyle is a famous Scottish singer who made her name after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent television show program in April 2009. This lovely woman sang “Les Misérables”‘s I Dreamed a Dream.

She was born on April 1, 1961 in Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland. After her first professional foray and the release of her first album of the same name, I Dreamed A Dream, she became the biggest selling UK release album of all time.

She also topped the Billboard 200 chart for six weeks. In this first year of fame it gained 6 million pounds sterling.

Her father, Patrick Blyle, was a miner and World War II veteran also worked as a singer in the bishop’s Blaize, while her mother Bridget Boyle, was an acronym for typist.

She had a difficult childhood at school because of Asperger’s syndrome. Constantly she was intimidated and her companions nicknamed her “Susie Simple”.

In addition to taking singing lessons, she prepared at the Edinburgh Performing Arts School and later participated in the Edinburgh Fringe. Before Britain’s Got Talent, he had only sung at her local Catholic church.


The star never married. Before she attained fame, she was dedicated to take care of her old mother who died in 2007 at the age of 91 years.

The death of her mother affected her to the point that she was isolated for several days without answering the phone or the door answering the door.

Past Relationships

Unnamed American Doctor

In 2014 it was reported that Susan Boyle was in love with her first boyfriend after 53 years of singles. He is an American doctor who met at a luxury hotel in Florida during a tour of the United States.

She commented that he acted as the “perfect gentleman”.

Boyle admitted that he enjoyed the romantic lunch with his first man. On this happy episode she commented that she hoped that her suitor would visit her in Scotland.

“It’s very early, so we’ll see what happens, I hope he comes.” But he did not wantto reveal who it was, as he felt it would be unfair to him. “I’ll just say we’re the same age and he was a very Nice, “he told The Sun.

Ideal Type

She is a very simple woman, who only wants a man who shares her vision of life with her and really loves her.

Opinion on Marriage

In an interview she confessed that she wants to find a man but she is aware that with all the travel and commitments she must attend, it is difficult.

She says, “I really want to start going to the dates and I’ve asked my friends to set me up.” Se says she wants to marry a man “if they can find one. I would like to reassure myself one day. ”

On Tuesday morning (June 6, 2017) the Sun-Times told singer Susan Boyle, 56, and her boyfriend, that they would be buying engagement rings.

But other reports indicate that romance with her American boyfriend after a series of phone calls and mail exchange soon went out.


She believes that parents should be responsible with the education of their children. He commented that when he was in the school of interpretation he noticed that many children did not feel that they were living their own childhood.

She is in favor of children having to live their childhood first and then if they fulfill their dreams when they are a little more mentally mature to handle it, so she believes that education should come first.

Ideal Dating Situation

She is happy with the public and with her friends, because of her illness she constantly needs to be accompanied. A friend close to her commented that Susan needs to be surrounded by things and familiar people.

It is also said that what really makes Susan happy is singing. It’s what really makes you feel safe.

When she reached the final on the show that threw her into stardom, she went over one of the jurors, Piers Morgan, and planted a kiss on her lips, it was immediately said that this was the first time Susan had kissed A man in his life.”They kissed me now!”.

She laughed and then commented “I’m going to have dinner with that for the rest of my life!

Fans’ Opinion

Susan Boyle fans who love her are delighted to hear that she finally found the love of her life, nothing is known about what the artist’s sentimental life is like nowadays.

She has always had a solitary personal life and now fame has made that life has completely changed, no longer has time to be alone, and does not like to be alone either.

She states that almost all her loved ones died and that loneliness feels even more at night when she goes to bed.


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