Who is Laura Kuenssberg’s Husband? Lovelife about Laura Kuenssberg

Who is Laura Kuenssberg’s husband?
Let me introduce her lover and her lovelife.


Laura Juliet Kuenssberg is a British journalist born in 1976, known as the media queen. She was actually born in Italy but has English nationality.

Since July 2015, she holds the position of political editor of BBC News. It is the first time that a woman occupies this position. She is a respected journalist whose work always arouses comments in favor and against.

The beginning of her career was difficult but once she was headed in journalism she started to shine with her own light.

She comes from a wealthy family and spent her entire childhood surrounded by luxury. His father was a businessman and his grandfather was the founder of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

She first studied history at the University of Edinburgh but later on she pursued her dream of being a journalist and studied at Georgetown University where she obtained the title of social communicator.

James Kelly

Laura is married to the management consultant, James Kelly, who obtained titles at the prestigious universities of Edinburgh and Harvard. The couple currently lives in East London.

Although his wife every day is in the British public opinion, he leads a very private life and is kept out of the public’s attention.

Previous Relationships

The romantic story of Laura Kuenssberg is a mystery until now. Nothing is known about her dating or previous boyfriends before James Kelly.

Ideal Type

Due to the very reserved nature of the relationship and her own personality, she does not refer to her ideal type
of man, but because she is a cerebral and intellectual woman, she must look a lot like her current husband, a very serious and reserved man.


The British media refer to the marriage of this couple as a very solid relationship as good as the career of both. They even think that among them there is no possibility of breaking because they have a relationship based on mutual trust and understanding.

Neither is very active on social networks like Twitter or Instagram on personal issues, so it is very difficult to be able to search much about the life of this unique pair of successful professionals.


For her work it does not seem very likely that she and her husband are thinking about having children at the moment, but it is not ruled out that they have future children plans when she decides to retire to raise a family.

Ideal Dating Situation

Nothing is known about how Laura and James met. But it must have been while they were both studying at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She also does not talk about her ideal situation of dating.

Fans’ Opinion

Her fans refer very little to Laura’s personal life, but they do much about her opinions and controversial interviews with British politicians.

Many in the networks think that she is sometimes irritating, burlesque as an interviewer, and refer to her as
somewhat skewed towards the British right.

But others say that it is idiotic to think this because she simply does what she does her professional work. It has had strong clashes with the leader of the English Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn.

Recently, a request was made to the BBC for her to be dismissed for her alleged anti-Corbyn bias, but that did not


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