Who is Dakota Johnson’s boyfriend? Lovelife about Dakota Johnson

Who is Dakota Johnson’s boyfriend?
Let me introduce her lover and her lovelife.


American actress and model Dakota Mayi Johnson was born on October 4, 1989. She is the daughter of famous actors Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson.

The lovely girl debuted next to her mother in the comedy Crazy in Alabama (1999). Then in 2006 she was named Miss Golden Globe.

At the end of her high school studies, the young actress returned to acting in the film The Social Network (2010), then in 2011 participated in the film Beastly and a year later was at 21 Jump Street.

In 2014 she shot Need for Speed ​​and between 2012-2013 she also had a role in the short-lived comedy Ben and Kate.

But what drove her fame was to have participated in 2015 in the starring role of Fifty Shades of Gray as Anastasia Steele, which earned her the People’s Choice Award for best dramatic film actress and a BAFTA Rising Star Award nomination.

And in 2017 it repeated the saga in Fifty Shades Darker and in 2018 already was contracted to also star in Fifty Shades Freed.


It was rumored that the actress was in an affair with her co-star in the saga of Gray’s Fifty Shadows, Jamie Dornan, it was even speculated that she would have abandoned filming because Dornan’s wife felt uncomfortable with The erotic scenes between him and Johnson.

But none of this was true. The only certainty was that the film turned out to be a resounding blockbuster, but not the relationship they attributed to the couple of actors off the set.

She currently enjoys a commented singleness, it is not known until when !. She is totally focused on her brilliant professional career which has kept her busy to think about weddings for now.

Previous Relationships

Noah Gersh

Dakota is known to have been in five relationships. The first was with musician and singer Noah Gersh, member of the North American rock band, Portugal. The Man. The group is based in Portland, Oregon.

Jordan Masterson

American actor Jordan Masterson (1986), was the second boyfriend in the life of Johnson. He has participated in several TV series but his most important role so far has been Mark’s character in the movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) and his role as Dumptruck in the ABC Family “Greek” comedy series.

Matthew Hit

The actress also had a long romance with the British musician and model Matthew Hit with whom she was still dating when
she began filming Gray’s Fifty Shadows. They started going out in July 2014.

After two years of dating, it was reported that Johnson and Hitt had ended their relationship. They never explained the reason for their separation. Although press reports indicated that it was the distance between them that affected the rupture.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Another of Dakota’s boyfriends was Jake Gyllenhaal (1980), the famous American actor son of film director Stephen Gyllenhaal and screenwriter Naomi Foner, who started out as a child actor.

Andrew Russell Garfield

The girl was also in love with English-American actor and producer, Andrew Russell Garfield (1983), who was nominated for an Oscar. He recalls his performance in The Social Network (2010), which earned him a Golden Globe nomination and the BAFTA award.

Benedict Cumberbatch

And there are rumors that he would be dating the British actor Benedict Cumberbatch.


The actress has not said exactly what type of ideal man. She argues that women are always with the man and the type of relationship that actually makes them happy and that if that type of relationship includes sadomasochism there would be no problem at all.

She is also of the belief that within each woman there is always the desire to see the surrendered men at his feet so she does not share much the submissive role that she herself incarnated in the saga of Fifty Shades of Gray. She strongly believes that women should do with their bodies as they please if they feel ashamed.

Opinion on Marriage

She thinks that marriage will come in due course.

Although he had to live the divorce of his parents and then the separation of his mother with his stepfather the Spanish actor Antonio Banderas, the actress also wants to have his own family someday but not to repeat the life of his parents.

The girl has said that she loves Banderas very much, but now she is very displeased with him by the separation with its mother Melanie Griffith that caused to him a severe depression.

Ideal Wedding Situation

In a recent interview, Dakota Johnson, stated that she would like to have a secret wedding similar to that of her parents.

Although she is not currently thinking about this, she has let it know that when she decides to join the man of her life she will do it in privacy, something enigmatic and perhaps with a touch of fantasy.


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