Who is Dej Loaf’s boyfriend? Lovelife about Dej Loaf

Who is Dej Loaf’s boyfriend?
I’ll introduce her lover and her lovelife.


Deja Trimble, better known by her stage name is Dej Loaf, was born on April 8th, 1991. She is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from Detroit, Michigan.

Dej Loaf started her career in 2011, where she released an album titled “Just Do It” in 2012. Then in October 2004, she released her second album in the form of a cassette with the title “Sell Sole”.

Her album is best known to the music lovers is “Try Me” in 2004, the album also made her reached the 45th position on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Since childhood, Dej Loaf really like music that is transmitted by her both parents. As a kid, she liked to hear music from 2Pac, Rakim, and Miles Davis.

Starting from there Loaf started to like music and has a dream to become a musician.

Lil Durk

Her tomboyish looks notwithstanding, Dej Loaf has had a lover who has the same profession as herself: that is, Lil Durk. Their relationship is long enough – about 3 years. The two started going out in 2014.

Lil Durk was born on 19th October 1992. When they started dating, Dej Loaf was 23 years old while Lil Durk was 21 years old. Although Dej Loaf is 1 year older than him they look like a well-matched couple.

Lil Durk and Dej Loaf are often seen together on various occasions, they also look very happy when they are spending time together.

Past Relationships

The love life of Dej Loaf which public knows is just a relationship with Lil Durk. Dej Loaf never told about her ex-boyfriend before she met Durk.

But it seems also Dej Loaf is not a woman who easily love other men. She is very closed in regards to her love life in addition to her current boyfriend, Lil Durk.

Ideal Type

As a singer and also a rapper, Dej Loaf seems to enjoy the relationship with her boyfriend who also has the same profession.

Loaf really likes a musical life that even her love life can not be separated from the music that catapulted his names.

In addition, Dej Loaf also likes a man who is black just like her, she never thought of falling in love a white guy like many other celebrities do.

Opinions on Marriage

Talking about Dej Loaf’s thinking about marriage, Dej Loaf always dreams of being able to get status more than just a couple lovers.

She also looks very serious to establish a relationship with Lil Durk. They are often seen together on various occasions and often spend time on the sidelines of their busy lives.

Ideal Dating Situation

Dej Loaf and Lil Durk can be spelled out as a harmonious couple. Their relationship has been far from bad news.

They often spend time together like eating dinner in a restaurant while posting their togetherness or look intimate in their place of work.

In addition Dej Loaf also enjoy together with Lil Durk while in work where Lil Durk also often appear in some of her songs. They look very familiar and very compatible with each other.

This couples who have one world that is music makes many people envious of seeing their togetherness.

Fans’ Opinion

Dej Loaf is among the most successful young singers from 2000 to the present. She has many loyal fans.

The fans do not stop worshiping her aside from her music, Dej Loaf is also very fashionable in every performance to be an inspiration to her fans in fashion.

The fans also strongly support the relationship between Dej Loaf and Lil Durk, they admitted very happy to see togetherness Loaf and Durk that seemed inseparable.

They hope Dej Loaf and Lil Durk can get married quickly and can form a happy family. The fans also always look forward to the music of Dej Loaf and Lil Durk.


(2012) Just Do It
(2014) Sell Sole
(2014) “Try Me”
(2014) “We Good”
(2015) “Me U & Hennessy (Remix)” (featuring Lil Wayne)
(2015) “Back Up”(featuring Big Sean)
(2015) “Hey There” (featuring Future)
(2015) “Be Real” (Kid Ink featuring Dej Loaf)
(2015) “What You Do To Me (Remix)” (Lil Durk featuring Dej Loaf)
(2015) “Ryda” (The Game featuring Dej Loaf)
(2015) “Tied Up” (Casey Veggies featuring Dej Loaf)
(2015) “All Said and Done” (Chevy Woods featuring Dej Loaf)
(2015) “I Just Wanna…” (Elijah Blake featuring Dej Loaf)
(2015) “Til the Morning” (DJ Carisma featuring Chris Brown and Dej Loaf)
(2015) “Ride for Me” (Teddy Tee featuring Dej Loaf)
(2016) All Jokes Aside


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