Who is Romesh Ranganathan’s Wife? Lovelife about Romesh Ranganathan

Who is Romesh Ranganathan’s Wife?
I’ll introduce his lover and his lovelife.


Jonathan Romesh Ranganathan (born 30 January 1978) is a British stand up comedian and an actor. Jonathan was born in Crawley, West Sussex, England.

Before first appearing on the screen, he worked as a mathematics teacher at Hazelwick School at his hometown, he also tried to be a rapper for a while.

His debut was on an episode of Live at the Apollo and was nominated for Best Newcomer in 2013 for his role, he then begun his career as a comedian.

In the year 2016 he finished his recent major tour ‘Irrational live’. Romesh Ranganathan is married to a drama teacher and is a father of three children.

Leesa Ranganathan

The British comedian Romesh is married to the drama teacher Leesa Ranganathan.

Jonathan Romesh Ranganathan, better known as Romesh Ranganathan in the comedy world has met his wife Lisa back when he was unknown to the world as a stand-up comedian.

At the time, Romesh was a math teacher in Crawley.

Leesa is highly supportive of her husband and he confessed on many occasions that he would still be a ‘rubbish math teacher’ without her support.

Mrs. Ranganathan has complete control over her husband’s material, and she has to approve the material if it involves her.

Leesa is a private woman and she chose to stay away from her husband’s highlights, we don’t know much details about her besides some told by her husband on the social media.

Past Relationships

There’s no record showing Romesh with other girls than Leesa. She was his a long time girlfriend for a long time when he was a math teacher and she was a drama teacher.

He never cheated on her or dated someone else.

Ideal Type

The ideal type of Romesh is easy to deduce, it is well-known that he only dated Leesa and that must be due to her characteristics.

The British stand-up comedian highly values romance and emotions, and Lisa showed that in many occasions by watching shows together like Apprentice and Bake Off.

He also likes being supported by his lady, and that something his wife gives generously, she attends most of his shows and the festivals.

She even gave birth to her child Charlie during Edinburgh Fringe Festival while Romesh was performing on the stage.

But above all, Romesh respects commitment, and we can see that clearly in his strictly monogamous love journey.

Opinion on Marriage

If there is one thing we are sure about, it is going to be Romesh’s intentions about marriage.

Even before his marriage to Leesa Ranganathan, Romesh always valued commitment and stayed with Leesa who was his long term girlfriend then back when she taught drama in Hazelwick.

The couple is happily married which is very rare nowadays among celebrities due to high-pressure jobs, paparazzi and also scandals that tear marriages apart.

Fortunately, it did not happen to the Ranganathans who stayed together and supported each other.


The British comedian is a loving father of three children: Theo Ranganathan, Alex Ranganathan, Charlie Ranganathan.

All three of them are with his wife the English drama teacher Leesa Ranganatha.

Romesh never thought of having three children and was both nervous and afraid of giving birth to a third kid, he expressed his fears in of his stand-ups saying that ‘who has three kids now’ he also said in his comic way that three children are too much responsibility.

Those fears quickly vanished when his wife gave birth to their son Charlie while he was performing on the stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and shared with his audience in a moment of emotions how proud he is and how much he values his wife for her ‘chilling out’.


Romesh Ranganathan said that he faced many troubles when it comes to raising children in many occasions during his stand-ups like ‘modern parenting’ in his unique funny way.

He also mentioned also that he could not have done it without his wife Leesa who actually pays attention to them more than him.

The comic Romesh is complaining of his kids’ behavior, and that sometimes they could just be stubborn.

For the Ranganathan couple, having the first son was something new and exciting and they raised him to act like a ‘perfect’ son, but this expectation vanished with the second son who has strong personality and intense attitude.

The british comedian said that ‘that’s why ‘people should not have kids’ when he comically mentioned the topic in one of his shows.

Ideal Dating Situation

Romesh is the proper man for the job when it comes to dating, and he is not afraid of showing that to the public too.

Even after a long relationship that ended eventually with marriage, the couple still can find his way for keeping the spark alive in their commitment, since they frequently go on dates alone without their children in a way of showing how much they care about each other.

The Ranganathan couple have their own rituals, we don’t know many of them but we know that they promised each other to go always together to watch ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Bake Off’ and that proves how careful they are when it comes to respecting the dating time.

Fans’ Opinion

As mentioned before, Leesa is a person who values her privacy and tries to stay under her husband’s shadows as long as possible.

An important portion of their fans finds it not so satisfying since they wanna be as close as possible to their entire life including the private part.

Regardless of the unsatisfaction, the public highly values the relationships that bond them together and they think it is rare today to has something like that, with all the respect, commitment and support they give to each other.


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