Who Travis Fimmel’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Travis Fimmel

Who is Travis Fimmel’s Girlfriend?
I’ll introduce his lover and his lovelife.


This actor and ex-Australian model jumped to fame in the year 2002, thanks to a campaign of the like model of underwear of the famous brand Calvin Klein.

He also starred as co-protagonist of the series of television “The Beast” and participated in the film “Warcraft”: The Origin (2016).

However, what consolidated his fame through the screen was his outstanding role in the series Vikings as Lothbrok in 2013. Travis Fimmel was born in Lockington, Victoria, on 15 July 1979.

He has also had outstanding roles in the Tarzan series (2003). Initially Fimmel, he aspired to be a professional football player and have his own farm.

Current Girlfriend

He has had many dates with very beautiful women of Hollywood, which gave him much more popularity. Many people believe that by now this super model must already be married or at least hunted with some suitor. But no. This
has not happened yet. He is still single.

Past Relationships

Rumor: Joy Bryant

Rumors spread that Travis was once rumored to be married to actress Joy Bryant, but the same actor clarified in an interview that they were just friends. But both were captured several times in what seemed to be more than an innocent friendship.

Rumored marriage to ex-girlfriend Ceara-Lynch

He was also said to have married his girlfriend Ceara-Lynch, a porn star with whom he shared at public events but that rumor also soon disappeared.

In addition to his courtship with Ceara-Lynch whom he used to present as his wife in public. Many thought that this couple would marry because they looked very lively and comfortable with each other.

Ex-girlfriend: Mei Melancon

Travis also had a courtship with the American actress Mei Melancon in 2007. She was the one who discovered it and headed for the movies. After being out for a year they separated in 2008.

Ex-girlfriend: Rachel Hunter

Another that was part of the list of Travis was the New Zealander model Rachel Hunter in the year. After leaving a few times, the couple separated.

Ex-girlfriend: Merrin Dungey

The actor was also dating the American actress Merrin Dungey since November 2003 but this relationship is soon over and it is not yet known why exactly.

Ideal Woman

The Australian actor does not let loose on his personal life, he prefers to keep the thoughts in his head. That is why very little is known about the Viking.

What he revealed in an interview is that she hates doing sex scenes in front of the cameras.

“It’s very uncomfortable, I’m in favor of free kissing, but it’s very uncomfortable, it’s not a natural thing.” Besides, he does not like being seen by other people making love.

Opinions on Marriage

Not much is known about what Travis Fimmel thinks about marriage, because of his reserved nature, he stays away from such aspects of his personal life.

What is known is that when he retires from the show business he does not want to be alone, he may want to share the farm he plans to buy with a family and with his children.

But the actor prefers not to talk about it because the plan that was planned to develop in the short term had to reconsider and is now a long-term projected life plan.

Unlike what most people might think, Travis wanted to get money to buy his own farm and return to his childhood days in the country. He said the only reason he acted and posed as a brand image was to make some money and buy a few acres of land.

He is very entertained by children. “Little kids make me laugh,” Travis said during a round of questions with his fans at an event. He even said that he felt very comfortable with the little ones on the set of the Vikings series.

Ideal Dating Situation

He does not talk much about his personal life and has not referred to the ideal situation of dating, because as he said he prefers to keep his personal life outside the scrutiny of the press.

In an interview with the Oittsburg Post-Gazzete (February 2014) Travis said that being famous was never among his goals. He said he just wanted to be proud of what he was doing.

“Unfortunately, in this business, if you do well, they recognize you a little. That’s my least favorite part. ”

Fans’ Opinion

So far he has not been linked to anyone seriously so there are very few opinions of his fans about it.


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