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Who is Andrew Ridgeley’s Wife? Lovelife about Andrew from Wham

Who is Andrew Ridgeley’s wife?
I’ll introduce his wife and his lovelife.


Andrew Ridgeley is an English musician, born on January 26, 1963. Andrew became famous around the world as a member of the duo Wham.

Andrew and George Michael together formed the band in 1981 and over the next five years they sold more than 25 million albums.

Their cooperation ended in 1986 and Wham disappeared. After this his solo career began, but Andrew didn’t achieve big success.

During one period of his life, Andrew lived in Monaco and he was a Formula Three motor racing driver.

Wife, Girlfriend

Andrew is currently single. Over the past 27 years he has been in a relationship with another celebrity.

They quietly broken up trying to avoid any media attention.

Ex Wife, Girlfriend

Keren Woodward

Did you know that Andrew Ridgeley (Wham) has been married to Keren Woodward of Banarama for more than 25 years. Tha… https://t.co/GT3ylzVF9K

From 1990 to 2015 Andrew was in a relationship with Keren Woodward. Karen is a singer of British group Bananarama. She was born on April 2, 1961.

They were famous as one of the most stable celebrity couples for more than 20 years and then in 2015 they announced that they broke up.

Love was stronger and they decided to give their relationship a new chance. But it did not last long.

Karen recently said that they broke up again and that they stayed friends.

Donya Fiorentino

In the mid eighties, Andrew was in a relationship with the American model Donya Fiorentino.

Donya was born 10 November 1967 in Florida. When she met Andrew she was still a teenager, but in the world of modeling, she was a one of the most famous names. They met in London.

During one period Andrew and Donya lived together in Monte Carlo. After their relationship ended Donya was married to Gary Oldman and David Fincher.

She is the mother of three children.

Shirlie Holliman

George Michael’s Wham! bandmates Andrew Ridgeley, Pepsi DeMacque and Shirlie Holliman pay tribute to their late fri… https://t.co/ygYcCZFaPC

Before Donya Fiorentino, Andrew was in a relationship with former singer Shirlie Holliman. Shirlie was born on 18 April 1962.

They were in a relationship at the beginning of Andrew’s career.

When Shirlie was 18 years old, Andrew suggested her that she could dance while he and George Michael played their music.

She accepted this and that is how Shirlie Holliman entered the world of entertainment.

She has never been part of the group Wham! but she has been often with them as support and part of Pepsi & Shirlie act.

His Ideal Woman

Since when he become famous, Andrew was in three big and important public relationships.

Of those three, two were with woman musician. The conclusion is that he likes women who are in the same business as him.

Music, respect and love were the base of his last relationship that lasted more than 25 years.

His Thought’s On Marriage

For this musician, marriage is probably not very important things in life.

He spent 25 years in a relationship. Tabloids wrote about his possible wedding, but he didn’t talk about it a lot.


Andrew Ridgeley has no children.

His Ideal Dating Situation

Andrew left music and fame behind him and now he just enjoys being ordinary and anonymous man just like every other.

However, he doesn’t mind if his girlfriend is a celebrity. 25 years long relationship with Keren Woodward showed it.

Andrew enjoys the peace and quiet life. The game of golf and surfing.

That is a right thing for him. Therefore, the perfect date for this former musician is a nice and quiet evening, away from the public eye.


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