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Who is Andrew Rannells’ boyfriend? Lovelife about Andrew Rannells

Who is Andrew Rannells’ boyfriend now?
I’ll introduce his lover and his lovelife.


Andrew Rannells is a Famous American actor and singer.
He was born in 1978 in Omaha, Nebraska.

He is remembered for his roles in comedies and romance movies, Rannels also played in musicals.

Talented actor starts his career in the very early age.

When he was only 11 he had his first role in Local community Theatre.


Mike Doyle

Andrew Rannells is in relationship with Mike Doyle since 2011.

Mike is also an actor , screenwriter, director and producer born in 1972.

Andrew is openly gay since high school period.

In one interview he said that he feels like a gay actor.

His relationship with Mike since 2011 is full of good times, but also,as every other relationship, there were a hard times too.

But this is a stable and serious one, he claimed, and confirming he found a partner for life.

Both of these young actors are very open speaking about their love life, and look very happy living together.

Ex Boyfriend

Matthew Morrison

In 2016 there was a rumor that Andrew Rannells is in relationship
with Matthew Morrison.

Both of them never confirmed that. Actually, Rannels posted on Twitter that he and Matthew are just friends.

Matthew is married to his wife Renee, and never said if he is a gay.
That was only a rumor which didn’t go through the public.

Andrew Rannells in the past did not has some relationships which has been known to public, because his target was only working on a new projects, spending time with family, and making his career succeed bigger and bigger.

Once, he claimed that life of the rising star demands a full commitment, a lot of work, concentration and a big self care if he wants to become a great superstar.

Now, he definitely did it! Years and years of hard working made a famous face and great roles that he is famous for.

Andrew was born with a talent for performing, and surrounded with a team of experts who helped him become a star.

His Ideal Man

Andrew Rannells’ ideal type of the man is definitely his current boyfriend Mike Doyle.

He loves to speak about him in public. He said that it is a real, perfect relationship for him, full of love, understanding and care for each other.

Soon after they hooked up, famous couple of actors started living together in New York, and confirming rumors that they are in relationship.

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His Thoughts On Marriage

With his boyfriend Mike Doyle Andrew Rannells has a respectable
community and strong relationship.

He didn’t speak open about marriage or wedding, but he consider this serious relationship as a lifetime, and his boyfriend Mike as his life partner.

He respects their relationship very much and claims that they
approach to every situation as an adult.

His Ideal Dating Situation

Famous actor Andrew Rannells as much as he try to be open to a press, media, fans and in public about his love life, sometimes likes to avoid answer on a more personal questions about his love life.

He takes every chance to hide his intimate facts from public.

Being gay in Hollywood today is safe to say, but still to a media it is not enough.

He like to spend the time with his partner away of cameras, lights and
everyone else.

They like to go on romantic dinners and trips away of city.

His ideal romantic situation usually is very well hidden from press, until paparazzi hide anything more.

His fan’s Thoughts

Being famous for successful for young gay actors usually means that
they already have a support of the gay audience, especially if they talk open about their gay orientation, or if they just defending their human rights.

The same is with Andrew Rannells.

For Hollywood being in stable long relationship is rare situation. Both famous actors are a big sensation when they show up together and they are very loved from both side of fans, Rannells’ and Mike Doyle’s too.


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