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Who is Lee Pace’s boyfriend? Lovelife about Lee Pace

Who is Lee Pace’s boyfriend now?
I’ll introduce his lover and his lovelife.


Lee Pace is famous American Theatre and Film actor.
He was born in 25th of March, in 1979, in Chickasha, in Oklahoma.

In his early days he started to interest for acting and theatre scene by taking place in some theatre plays.

After it show’s that young man has a talent, Lee Pace started to approach to acting more seriously.


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After a many articles written in press, and a lot of rumors, about his relationships and sexual declare that he is gay, straight or bisexual, Lee Pace these days just said that he is single.

Popular actor, famous for his role in Hobbit , in last interviews did not talk a lot about his current relationship status or sexual orientation, but one thing we can conclude – This young attractive actor is looking for a soul mate!

He is sad that he is looking for something real, for life, and until he finds it, he will not thinking about marriage.

Ex Boyfriend

James Calleri

Lee Pace was in a homosexual relationship with James Calleri for three years, starting 2002, until 2005.

James Calleri is famous American casting director, born in 1969.

Calleri and 10 years younger actor Lee Pace, was open to speak about their sexuality, but no so much about their relationship.

Both young and attractive these men, made a very big stories and controversies about their romance in the press, who was always thirsty to write about famous.

Lee Pace was involved in Homosexual and Heterosexual relationships as well until now, but never confirmed his true orientation .

Jason Moore

One of the sexiest Movie star, according to the list made by Empire Magazine in 2013, and big number of fans, Lee Pace was in relationship with Jason Moore from 2005-2006.

Jason Moore is famous American film, television and theatre director, born in 1970.

After breaking up with James Calleri, Lee Pace was ready for a new gay
romance, with Jason Moore.

As a previous one, this relationship was very interesting to public and media.

After several times of showing ups in public, and a few photos made by paparazzi they finally broke up in 2006, without any claims in public.

Laura Donnelly

A one attractive , but shorter heterosexual romance, was between Lee Pace and famous Irish actress Laura Donnelly.

They stayed together for a year, from 2015. until 2016. Unfortunately, attractive Lee Pace did not find himself not in this relationship.

It is his last relationship known to a public.

Is this a proof of his bisexual nature?

These two, except of passion they shared, their common fact is the one that they have the same opinion about marriage – they don’t have an experience with that kind of relationship.

His Ideal Man

Lee Pace is still looking for the right one.

Man or a woman, we don’t know yet.

As a seeker for a true love, handsome actor has a very good taste when it comes to choosing a partner.

Almost all of his partners he dated are famous, successful film people, artists who share the same passion for the film and theatre as much as Pace does.

His Thoughts On Marriage

There was a rumor in press a few days ago that Lee Pace is married to his long term relationship partner.

And also that they had an intimate wedding ceremony in the company of friends and family.

Since Lee Pace did not confirmed this news, this information stayed in
rumor level.

According to the list of his previous relationships, we can conclude that this actor is not thinking about marriage at all.

Surely, he would be happy to slow down and to build a more serious relationship with someone he finds perfect for that step.

For now, he doesn’t think about that step.

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His Ideal Dating Situation

Lee Pace is not in love for now.

After a few big Hit movies, with his career moving forward, he most be content with his child fantasy to become very well paid actor.

Lee is enjoying being single, he skips wisely questions about his dating situation.

His fan’s Thoughts

A famous actor Lee Pace definitely is a movie icon. Also, a gay icon.

Big armies of fans following each step of the young handsome actor on the social network’s, expecting impatiently a new information about his love life.

They are a big supportive army of people, especially the one who likes fiction movies, because of his roles and natural talent.


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