Who is Dalton Rapattoni’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Dalton Rapattoni

Who is Dalton Rapattoni’s girlfriend now?

I’ll introduce his lover and his lovelife.


Dalton Rapattoni was born as Dalton Louis Rapattoni on February 6, 1996. He is an American singer. His rise to fame began when he auditioned for the 2015 edition of American Idol and made it to third place.

He used to play in the band IM5 and was a member of Fly Away Hero. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee but raised in Texas after his family moved when he was a toddler.

He has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has to take medication. He learned to play guitar at the age of 11. The local band he played in. Fly Away Hero was created by himself and friends.

In 2011, he became a part of the boy band IM5. He has since been playing solo and is planning on releasing a solo album.


Dalton is reportedly currently single.

His Ideal Woman

Dalton has not mentioned what his ideal man or woman would be like.

His Thoughts On Marriage

Dalton has not mentioned or talked about marriage.

His Ideal Dating Situation

Dalton would have no problems dating a fan. He thinks that anyone that you date is a fan because they like you and that is important.

His fan’s Thoughts

No previous relationships are known of Dalton.


No past dramas or movies are associated to Dalton.


-We still play (2010) Fly Away Hero
-City Run(2010) Fly Away Hero
-Your Eyes (2011) Fly Away Hero
-Eyeliner (2011) Fly Away Hero
-Storm of the Sea (2015) Fly Away Hero
-Misunderstood (2015) Fly Away Hero
-Heartless (2014) IM5


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