Who is Robin Lord Taylor’s husband? Lovelife about Robin Lord Taylor

Who is Robin Lord Taylor’s husband?
I’ll introduce his husband and his lovelife.


The well-known actor was born in Iowa and started his acting career at a very short age. He played his first part in “Anne Frank’s Diary” and from that moment he decided that acting was his vocation.

He has appeared in popular TV series, such as “The Walking Dead”, “Law & Order”, and “The Good Wife”. He made it big time to the big screen with the movie “Accepted” and Robin has also co-starred in some independent films, such as “Cold Comes the Night” next to Bryan Cranston.

More recently, he has been in the spotlight thanks to his great performance as Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin.

The actor has received good critics and he has immersed himself deeply into the character.

When he publicly announced that he was gay, he was bashed by some haters through social networks.


Richard Dibella

Robin Lord Taylor is currently married to his long-time companion, movie production designer Richard Dibella.

The couple has been together for many years and they tied the knot in 2011, in Iowa, the third state to legalize same-sex marriage in the United States.

The actor declared that it was more of a political decision than a romantic wedding. Robin Lord Taylor kept in secret to whom he was married for some years.

The actor prefers a quiet personal life and doesn’t share too much about it.

The couple enjoys their privacy and only a few photos of them together have been leaked to the media.

Ex Husband, Boyfriend

There are no records in the media of other boyfriends in Robin Taylor’s life.

His Ideal Man

When he started to draw attention to himself, Robin was interviewed and asked if he was married. He told the media that indeed he was married but like keeping his personal life private.

After he publicly announced his wedding anniversary next to his husband, the actor was bullied and humiliated in the social networks.

Nevertheless, he has announced that he and his husband are unafraid and completely in love.

In conclusion, Robin likes bold man who can stand by his side when defending his civil rights, he also likes someone of his same height and preferences.

His Thought’s On Marriage

Robin Taylor got married to Richard Dibella in Iowa, two years after they approved same-sex marriage.

Shortly after, gay marriage went legal in NYC and they went together to celebrate Gay Pride as well.

Robin Taylor has been surprisingly able to maintain his personal life private, the same goes for his marriage.

At first his fans didn’t know to whom he was married and only when Robin publicly announced his two year wedding anniversary did people realize that he was gay.


Robin Lord Taylor is mainly focused on his work and marriage at the moment.

He is definitely not considering having children for the time being.

He has received many great reviews for his performance as The Penguin and that only fuels his determination.


Robin Lord Taylor and his husband Richard Dibella don’t have any children for the time being.

They are dedicated entirely to each other and to their careers. The couple haven’t mentioned plans to have children.

His Ideal Dating Situation

Given his private manners, we could say that he prefers the kind of date where no one is seeing him and his partner.

They both prefer to keep their personal affairs private and there aren’t many public records of what Robin Lord Taylor likes to do when going out for a date.

His Fan’s Thoughts

When Robin started to draw attention thanks to his excellent acting skills, his fan club grew as well.

At the beginning they were all enthralled by him but they also wanted to know who his couple was.

Later, when Robin decided to make public his homosexuality and also told the media that he was happily married to a man, he was severely bullied and bashed by some fans.

The fans didn’t handle the fact that he was gay very well but not all of them.

After announcing his marriage, a lot of his fans also showed him their support and for his husband as well.


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