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Who is Leisha Hailey’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Leisha Hailey

Who is Leisha Hailey’s girlfriend now?
I’ll introduce his lover and his lovelife.


Leisha Hailey is an American musician and actress who was born on July 11, 1971.

Hailey first knows by public as a musician in the “pop duo The Murmurs” then continued her career as musician by becoming a part of the band called “Uh Huh Her”.

She played the role of Alice Pieszecki in the series “The L World”.


Camila Grey

Leisha Hailey reported having been living with her partner, Camila Grey since 2011.

Camila Grey is her band-mate in their band called “Uh Huh Her”.

Their relationship went public after an incident in Southwest Airlines, a couple was reported by a someone after that person is offended by the couple kissing.

The couple were arguing with a flight attendant who asked them to stop kissing.

However, in an interview she denied that they were kissing, she said that her partner just gave her a little peck on the cheek.

Later, the band announced on its official Facebook that the two members were taking a break from the band.

But their relationship ended after 6 years of deciding to live together.

Nina Garduno

Before dating with Camila Gray, Hailey ever had a long relationship with Nina Garduno since 2004-2010.

As a lesbian she is never ashamed to admit it into public. Leisha and Nina are often seen attending several music events or some awards show.

They were also often seen together on a bike ride and did something fun which related to music.

But their relationship must break up after 6 years their relationship.

Kathryn Dawn Lang

Back in 1996, Hailey ever dated a Canadian pop and singer, and songwriter, Kathryn Dawn Lang. Kathryn Dawn Lang more known as k.d. Lang.

They started to date since 1996 and broke up in 2001. Of course, they met because of music.

They decided to split up in 2001 and public don’t know the reason of their separation.

Before that k.d lang also had some public relationships with other girls like Jamie Price and Julie Cypher.

Recently k.d. lang was reported has a relationship with a Canadian ice hockey team boss, N. Murray Edwards.

Her Ideal Woman

Leisha knows as lesbian since she dated her long term partner who is also her band mate, Camila since 2011.

Although she has some relationship with other girls but with Camila she can maintain her relationship until now.

It should be that Camila is the type that Leisha love. For her, Camila is her friend and also her lover who can accompany her faithfully.

Her Thoughts On Marriage

Seeing her relationships before, it seems that Leisha do not think that merriage is important. She had some relationships with other girls before but she never decided to bring her relationship to marry.

Although now easily lesbian couples can marry legally but still do not make Leisha interested in having a bonded relationship like marriage.

She just enjoys being with the person she loves.


Having a child is a dream of all couples even if they are a lesbian or gay they will usually choose to adopt a child.

But not with Leisha, she never told the public about her desire to have a child.

Although when she still had a partner though, having children and getting married is not the main thing for her.

Her Ideal Dating Situation

Leisha is often seen having fun with her partner in a big event like a musical event or attending other awards events. Sometimes Leisha and her ex-partner were seen to have a dinner date.

It seems that Leisha likes public area as her ideal situation of dating.

Sometimes also Leisha and her ex-girlfriend were seen cycling along with their partner to show their romantically.

Her fan’s Opinion

Many of his fans were surprised to heard that Leisha is a lesbian. But her fans still love her from her music side and also her dazzling acting.

Many of her fans do not care about her personal life.

The fans will still give her the support Leisha in the field of music and acting.


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