Who is Kristanna Loken’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Kristanna Loken

Who is Kristanna Loken’s girlfriend now?
I’ll introduce her lover and her lovelife.


Kristanna Loken is an American actress and model.

She was born on October 8, 1979.

She first appeared in 1994 on the television show “ As the World Turns” as Daniella Andropoulos.

Her first movie was in 1997 movie, titled “Academy Boyz”” as Linda Baker.

She became popular after she casted in 2003 movie, “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”.


Jonathan Bates

Kristanna Loken is currently living with her long-time partner, Jonathan Bates.

Ex Girlfriends, Boyfriends

Noah Danby

On top of the world! Well, on @NoahDanby’s shoulders, lol 😎. Great audition day at @LBActingStudio with… https://t.co/dgUGIDDvu4

Kristanna Loken previously engaged and married to her co-star in movie “PainKiller Jane”, Noah Danby.

They were married on May 10, 2008, after engaged in January at the same year when Loken was 27 years old and Danby 32 years old.

Loken first announced her wedding on her official website by posted some wedding photos with Noah, one of the photos showed Loken dancing with Noah.

The two married at Loken’s family’s farm in Ghent, New York.

A year later in November 2009, Kristanna Loken announced to public that she had separated from Danby and was dating a woman.

Michelle Rodriguez

A news about Kristanna Loken being a lesbian came out after the photos of her with actress Michelle Rodriguez leaked.

The photos showed their arms around each other in public and looked like a couple.

They were rumored to had a relationship around november 2006 to 2007.

Michelle Rodriguez is an American Actress and she was popular with her role as a troubled boxer in the 2000 film “girlfight”.

Michelle reported to dated Zac Efron who is nine years younger than her in 2014.

Antonio Villaraigosa

Around May 2015, Kristanna Loken was reported to dated a politician, Antonio Villaraigosa.

First time they were seen together was when they spotted leaving a West Hollywood restaurant.

Kristanna Loken posted her photos on her public instagram account when she with Villaraigosa at the Kentucky Derby.

Loken also posted on facebook a photo of her while she screened the film at a church in Chatsworth while Villaraigosa was in attendance.

Antonio Villaraigosa is currently a politician who is a current candidate for California Governor in 2018.


A post shared by P!NK (@pink) on

In 2003, Kristanna Loken reported to had relationship with a woman popular singer, Pink.

They kissed in public, which is at Monte Carlo’s exclusive Jimmys night club.

They kissed at night after the World Music Awards that year.

Pink confessed in an interview that it was not the first time she kissed a girl, then she added that it was one of the nicest kisses she had from a man or a woman.

Pink married with Carey Heart since January, 2006.

Her Ideal Type

Kristanna Loken once explain about her ideal type.

He said “I have dated and sex with men and women”, then she added “having relationship with certain women have been much more fulfilling, sexually and emotionally, than of those with certain men”

However, she’s now currently living with her long-term partner, Jonathan Bates after gave a birth to their son in 2016.

Her Thoughts On Marriage

Known as lesbian and dated women, Kristanna Loken ended up marrying her co-star Noah Danby.

Their marriage life just lasted for only two years. Before they were married, Loken personally announced that she engaged to Noah Danby in her official website.

She often said in interviews that she was really happy and looking forward to their marriage.

She’s had positive views on her own marriage by showed autographs of herself wore a beautiful wedding dress to public.

Her Ideal Dating Situation

Kristanna Loken on her personal twitter account @LokenKristanna posted a picture after she gave a birth to her son Thor who was born on 6th June, 2016.

She previously posted a photos of herself cradling her baby bump on her instagram an wrote “Surprise, I’m pregnant”

Later, she also updated the photo with her partner, Jonathan holding her stomach, looking forward to their son.

Many of her fans commented on her photos holding her baby after she gave a birth to his son in twitter.

Her fan’s Thoughts

Since she gave a birth to her baby, Thor in May 2016, she often posted photos of her baby and herself on her personal Instagram account, showing up her happiness to public.

Even when she was pregnant, she posted photos with her baby bump and wrote “some people say they can tell the gender by the way a woman carries the baby”

She said that she blessed as a mom, having her son, Thor and living with her partner, Jonathan become the precious things in her life.


Watching baseball match is one of the favorite place to spend with Loken’s partner, Jonathan.

Once, she posted a photo of herself with Jonathan who was enjoying the baseball match while smiled to camera.

She wrote “Enjoying the game with my honey”.

Jonathan and Loken were seen several times enjoying the fresh air by took a walk near their house.

Even when she rumored to date Michelle Rodriguez in the past, they were often seen in public places such as street enjoying their togetherness.


On her photos with her partner, Jonathan, that Loken posted on her personal Instagram, her fans commented that they love to see Loken and Jonathan together, one of her fans commented that Jonathan and Loken is a gorgeous couple.

Many of her fans congratulated her for her new born baby happy to see the baby’s father, Jonathan was there too.

Many of Loken fans are looking forward to see a wedding of Jonathan and Loken.

They hope to Loken and Jonathan married soon.


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