Who is Machine Gun Kelly’s girlfriend? Love life about Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) whose real name is Richard Colson Baker is an American singer/rapper, songwriter and actor. He was born on April 22, 1990 in Houston, Texas.


Machine Gun Kelly started his career as a rapper in 2006 with the release of his first mix tape Stamp of Approval.

This was followed by his second album Homecoming in 2008. He also released two mix tapes in 2010.

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In 2012, he released his major label debut album, Lace Up, after being signed with Bad Boy and Interscope Records.

He has also appeared in various films.

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He is a popular musician and his songs deal with his life and struggles and problems.

His fans relate to what his music says, and as a result, he has a huge fan following.

He has been accused of being gay due to the lack of information about his personal life and relationships, this accusation is however not true.


Machine Gun Kelly is currently single.


Amber Rose

Machine Gun Kelly dated singer, Amber Rose in 2015. They had issues because he was very anti-spotlight but she liked media attention.

He was not ready for the additional media attention that the relationship garnered from the press. He mentioned that the public attention was a daily struggle.

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He was content with the relationship. Amber Rose said MGK is a really nice guy and he treats her nicely.

MGK and Amber met on the set of a movie and the relationship went on from there.

Everything was very natural, it wasn’t planned but they both went with it. It however ended because of the increased media attention that the relationship attracted.


Sevyn Streeter

He was also in a relationship with Sevyn Streeter, a musician, in 2014.

The relationship was kept out of public eye because MGK likes his privacy. There is very little information about their relationship due to this and there is nothing to say why they broke up.

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He had a daughter, Casie from a previous relationship with Emma Cannon, when he was 18. Not much is known about their relationship. They are however on good terms.

Not much is known about his personal life, he doesn’t like to discuss his relationships with the media. He has not been married or divorced.

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His Ideal Woman

He has no actual preferences when it comes to women.

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His Thoughts On Marriage

He has not discussed the possibility of marriage.

He rarely discusses his personal life as he said he does not really like the fame that comes with his career choice.

His Ideal Dating Situation

From the Amber Rose relationship, it can be gathered that he would prefer a dating relationship that was completely out of the limelight.

He has not mentioned any preferences on this issue.

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Net Worth

The rapper is currently worth $1.2 million.


His acting career is very young and recent and as a result he has only been in a handful of movies:
Beyond the Lights (2014)
Punk’s Dead (2016)
Nerve (2016)
Viral (2016)
The Land (2016)
Roadies (2016)

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Bad Things (2016)
Till I Die (2012)
Wild Boy (2012)
Young Man (2016)
Alpha Omega (2015)
Mind of a Stoner (2013)
A Little More (2015)
Raise the Flag (2013)
Sail (2014)
Invincible (2012)


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