Who is Kevin Bacon’s Wife? Love life about Kevin Bacon

Kevin Norwood Bacon was born on the 8th of July, 1958 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

He is an American actor and musician.


He inspired a game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon where players have to link any actor to him in six steps or less. This is due to his expansive film and TV career.

He is a member of the band, The Bacon Brothers, with his brother. He also created a charity foundation, Six, in 2007.

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Kyra Sedgwick

He married Kyra Sedgwick in 1988. Kyra Sedgwick is an actress, she began her acting career at age 16, in a soap opera, Another World.

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They have 2 children; a boy named Travis Bacon and a daughter Sosie Bacon.

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He and his wife met on the set of Lemon Sky, a television drama in which they both played lead roles, in 1988 and got married in September that same year.

He however disclosed that he first met Kyra when she was 12.

He was 19 at the time and had just finished a play that she had seen with her brother.

She came up to meet him to tell him she liked his acting in the play. Kyra also works with the Natural Resources Defense Council.

They have starred on other movies such as Pyrates, Murder in the First, The Woodsman, Lover boy. They also starred in Will.I.Am’s video ‘It’s a New Day’. They have been married for almost 30 years.

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Tracy Pollan

Kevin Bacon dated Tracy Pollan, an American actress, before he me his wife.

He and Tracy Pollan dated for five years, from 1981 – 1986. They met while working on an off-Broadway production of the play, Album.

They fell in love and spent a lot of time together while they were dating. They kept the relationship secret at first but it became public knowledge not too long after.

Kevin Bacon has no other known relationships.

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His Ideal Woman

His ideal woman, he says, is someone who is tough, smart, passionate, and very real with no farce.

When he met his wife, he said she fit the bill completely so he did not think it was weird that they got married as quickly as they did although she was much younger than him.

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His Thoughts On Marriage

Kevin Bacon is a very committed husband and father He has very positive views on marriage, seeing as he and his wife have been married for 30 years.

He thinks that celebrity marriages aren’t set up to fail more than normal marriages, it’s just that celebrity marriages are in public view and any disagreement or scandal is made public and criticized openly.

He and his wife believe that marriage is a forever thing and they both work on making sure that they sort through whatever issues they have together.

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His Ideal Dating Situation

He has not been recorded discussing dating. This may be because he has been married for a long time.

His Fan’s Thoughts

Kevin Bacon’s fans are in supportive of their marriage. They have been married for almost 30 years after all, and his wife has been his biggest support system.

There has been no animosity expressed by his fans over their long-lasting marriage.


Friday the 13th (1980)
Footloose (1984)
Quicksilver (1986)
She’s Having a Baby (1988)
JFK (1991)
A Few Good Men (1992)
Apollo 13 (1995)
Hollow Man (2000)
Mystic River (2003)
The Woodsman (2004)
Frost/Nixon (2008)
Patriots Day (2016)


He is part of the music band, The Bacon Brothers, with his brother Michael Bacon.
Guilty of the Crime (1997)
Go My Way (2010)
Boys in Bars (1997)
Only a Good Woman (1997)
36 Cents (2014)
Don’t Lose Me Boy (1999)
New Year’s Day (2010)
Ten Years in Mexico (1999)
493 Miles (2014)
Kikko’s Song (2010)