Who has a boyfriend in Black Pink?

Black Pink is South Korean girl group under YG entertainment.

The group debuted on august 8, 2016 with four members.

The single is Square One which is played on November 1, 2016.

The success of their song is recorded by Gaon Chart on August 2016.

This group is the last formed group by YG entertainment after 2012.



Jisoo or Kim Ji soo joined with YG entertainment in July 2011.
She is never been in a relationship. There are no rumors about her love life.


Jennie or Jennie Kim is one of Black Pink members who has studied in New Zealand.

There were big rumors about her scandal in New Zealand. She was posted in Taeyang’s Instagram.

The scandal was answered when YG hater was arrested, he made the rumor because of his hate to YG entertainment.

Roseanne Park

Rose was selected in Australia by YG audition and joined the agency in May 2012.

The restrictions of YG Entertainment do not allow her to date.

She revealed these restrictions on MBC’s Radio Star with Jisoo.

Rose is highly possible single now because of the rule of agency.

Lalisa Manoban

Lisa was accepted into the group after auditioning for YG entertainment in Thailand in 2010.

Lisa has never been in a relationship controversy.

She agreed to became a part of YG Entertainment and officially became YG’s entertainment trainee in 2011.

She is single now, because the restrictions of YG entertainment not to date, smoke and drink alcohol.


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