Who has a boyfriend in Twice?

TWICE is a South Korean girlband which consists of 9 members. This group was launched by JYP Entertainment on October 7, 2015.

TWICE is the first group who have a sales record of more than 100,000 copies in 2016.

This is group consistent to keep the composition of member. TWICE become a successful group and have expanded to Japan in 2017.

As for boyfriends, there is a strict 3-year no dating rule for all the members.

That being said, let’s take a look at any dating rumors.



She was selected as a member of TWICE by JYP Entertainment’s 7th open audition.

Nayeon appeared in a few television advertisements and music videos of her label mates.

There have been rumors that that Nayeon has been dating EXO’s Suho.
Another rumors is that she has had ties with Jungkook, a member of BTS.

There are no detailed information about these rumors from Nayeon because it against the rules of the agency.

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Rumor: Suho (EXO)

Rumor: Jungkook (BTS)


Jeongyeon or Yoo Jeong yeon


Jongyeon was selected together with Nayeon at the JYP entertainment audition.

She was the host of Inkigayo from July 3, 2016 through January 22, 2017.

She doesn’t have a boyfriend because of the JYP entertainment rules and she doesn’t like breaking the rules.



She was invited to join with JYP entertainment after they saw a dance video her and her older sister.

There is a rumor that she has a relationship with Jungkook BTS.

However, its highly possible that she is single now.

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Rumor: Jungkook (BTS)



There is a rumor that Sana has been dating a BTS member, but there is no evidence of this.

Almost all the members of TWICE are single because of the rule of agency.

Rumor: Jungkook (BTS)



She officially joined the group on October 20,2005.

She is singe now because of the rule of agency.

There is a rumor that Ji Hyo is close with GOT7’s JB, but there is no detailed information about it.

Rumor: JB (Got7)




There is a rumor that Mina has a relationship with GOT7’s BamBam after a photo of the two was posted online.

The rumors were denied by JYP entertainment.

It is simply a candid photo of the two company colleagues.
Recently there have been speculations that Mina and BamBam are dating, due to a photo of the two together.

This photograph was allegedly obtained through some hacking online.

However, according to JYP Entertainment, Mina and BamBam are not dating, but the photo is indeed real.

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Dahyun is one of the TWICE members who has no rumors about her relationship.

She is focusing on her career and group and it is highly possibility she is single now.



She is the main rapper and shortest person of the group.
She is single now because of the rules of the agency.

Chaeyoung has had a few of ex-boyfriends in the past such as Tao the former member of EXO, Kim Woo Bin, and Lee Jong suk.



She is single now, but there is a rumor that she has dating B.I iKON.

She is currently focusing on her career and studies.

Rumor: B.I (iKON)

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