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Who is Matt LeBlanc’s Girlfriend? Lovelife About Matt LeBlanc

Who is Matt LeBlanc’s girlfriend? I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


Matthew Steven LeBlanc, commonly known as Matt LeBlanc, is an American actor, comedian, host, and producer who was born in July 25, 1967.

He is known for his role of Joey Tribbiani in the famous television series “Friends”. He is currently a host for a TV show called “Top Gear” from 2016.


It is reported that Matt LeBlanc is currently single. However, he has had a series of relationships which the public is aware of.

Ex Wife: Melissa McKnight

LeBlanc married to former model Melissa McKnight in the May of 2003. They were blessed with a daughter named Marina in 2004.

However, their marriage life only lasted for two years. Mellisa filled a file for divorce after two years of marriage and they were officially split in 2006.

It is reported that they dated for only two days before getting married. They met through a mutual friend then decided to marry right away after their meeting on June, 2003.

Ex Girlfriend

Andrea Anders

After getting divorced from Mellisa, LeBlanc hooked up with his long co-star, Andrea Anders. Andrea was Matt’s co-star in his TV series “Joey” in 2004.

They started their relationship in 2005, which raised suspicion among the public. They claimed that their affair was the reason for Matt and Melissa’s separation.

Their relationship went public in 2006, and was thought to be a rare long-lasting relationship between celebrities. However, after ten years, they decided to end things and finally separate in 2015.

Kate Hudson

In 1996, Matt LeBlanc started to dating then-16 years old beautiful actress, Kate Hudson.

Photos of them chatting and kissing in a bar leaked at that time, which became controversial as Kate was still a minor.

After, the two confirmed their relationship, but it didn’t last even for a year. Kate Hudson is now dating Danny Fujikawa.

Teri Copley

Before dating Kate Hudson, Matt LeBlanc was having a public relationship with actress Teri Copley. They began to date in 1989 when Matt was 22 years old.

The two were frequently seen together, attending various events and looking like a happy couple in love.

Unfortunately, they split in 1990 after a year of relationship. Teri Copley is currently married and having two children.

Ideal Type of Woman

Matt LeBlanc doesn’t have any specific type of woman. He can fall in love with any kind of woman as long as she stole his heart.

However, looking at his former girlfriends, he seems to like blonde girls with a beautiful pair of blue eyes.

He also tends to date celebrities, possibly because they are the only people he surrounds himself with.

Views on Marriage

Matt LeBlanc sees a marriage as a good and beautiful thing.

Even though he mentioned that his divorce with his ex-wife Mellisa McKnight was the darkest period of his life, he is grateful to be blessed with a beautiful daughter.

He said that he really loves his daughter, and that the time when he was playing with his daughter and looking at her growing up was the happiest moment for him.

He also mentioned that he wanted to remarry after he finds the right woman.

Ideal Dating Situations

Matt Leblanc was seen several times attending various events with his past girlfriends. He also often had a dinner in fancy restaurants.

Also, just like everyone, his kind of dating can be in public places, like on the street, in restaurants, or even just baseball matches.

Every date can be ideal for him, as long as he does it with the one he adores.

Fans’ Opinions

Matt’s fans love him since his major role in “Friends,” where he gained a lot of fans all over the world. Most of his fans are women who adored his character, Joey.

Many of his fans said that they feel kind of broken hearted when their idol dated a woman, however they keep supporting Matt in his personal life and also his career.



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-“Episodes” (2011-present)
-“Web Therapy” (2013)
-“Top Gear” (2016-present)
-“Man with a Plan” (2016-present)


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