Who is Tyler Hoechlin’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Tyler Hoechlin

Who is Tyler Hoechlin’s girlfriend? I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


Tyler Hoechlin is a 29-year old actor from America. He was born on September 11, 1987 in California.

He began his acting career when he was thirteen years old, debuting in the 1999 film “Family Tree”. He is famously known for his role as Derek Hale in the TV series “Teen Wolf”.


At the moment, there are no rumors regarding Tyler’s lovelife. The actor seems busy with filming, that he has no time even for himself.

It is possible he will be in a relationship in the future, but for now, he is focused on his career.

Ex Girlfriends

Ashlee Simpson

Tyler dated the American singer Ashlee Simpson in 2004 when he was only sixteen. They became a couple during the filming of the TV Series “7th Heaven” (2004).

Unfortunately, their relationship only lasted for about two months. They started their relationship in January 2004 and separated in March of the same year.

Ashlee Simpson is a singer-songwriter and also an actress, who was born in 1984. She is the younger sister of pop singer and actress Jessica Simpson.

She became famous after her debut song “Pieces of Me” which topped the Billboard Mainstream top 40.

She is currently married to Evan Ross.

Rachele Brooke Smith

In 2010, Tyler Hoechlin was rumored to be dating Rachele Brooke Smith, a backup dancer for the popular TV series, “Glee”.

Tyler confirmed their relationship to the public in several interviews, and frequently talked about his relationship with Rachele. They were both 22 years old back then.

The two were seen in public almost weekly when they were dating. However, they were reported to have broken up in 2012 after two years of dating. The details of their separation is unknown.

Brittany Snow

After ending his relationship with Rachele Brooke Smith in 2012, Tyler began to date the American actress, Brittany Snow who is known for her role in the film “John Tucker Must Die”.

Tyler and Brittany began to date in early 2013. In May, they confirmed their love-relationship status after photos when they were making out at Brittany’s birthday party were leaked.

After the confirmation, they were frequently seen in public as a couple back then. The photos of their togetherness in public can be easily found on the internet.

However, the two separated in 2015 after their two-years relationship.

Rumor: Alena Gerber

In December 2015, Tyler Hoechlin was spotted in Rome, holding hands with a two years younger beautiful Germany model, Alena Gerber.

People speculated that they were dating because of these photos. However, there’s no official confirmation from the two parties because of their very short togetherness.

They reported to have broken up in early 2016. Some fans also stated that their photos in Rome were for commercial purposes.

They also explained that Alena wasn’t dating Tyler because she’s in a relationship with Clemens Fritz at that time.

Ideal Type of Woman

Taken from, Tyler explained about his ideal type of a girl to his fans and media as well.

He stated that he is attracted to a smart, strong woman who knows their stuff.

When asked about sleeping with someone on the first date, he answered that’s not his thing and is a bad idea. He thinks that he should know somebody a little bit more.

Views on Marriage

Tyler never talked about marriage publicly, but he is really looking forward to it since he is often spotted at various place and events with his girlfriend.

He is a handsome actor after he dated several beautiful actress like Ashlee Simpson, Brittany Snow, and Jill Wagner. The public is looking forward to seeing Tyler tie the knot as soon as possible.

Ideal Dating Situation

When asked about the best date he has ever been on, Tyler answered that his ideal situation of a date is to go to Hawaii.

He also said that he was actually went to Hawaii for a date. When he is in a relationship with someone, he thinks that relax and enjoy the beach in Hawaii is incredible.

He also was asked about having a friend to kiss on new year’s eve. He stated that he would never go against having a friend to kiss, just don’t force it.

Fans’ Opinions

Tyler’s role in Wolf Teen made him have a big fandom, who are mostly young women.

When news about his love life with several women came out, his fans felt broken hearted. However, some of his fans support him whoever his girlfriend is.

To make their imagination about Tyler Hoechlin become true, a lot of his fans write stories about Tyler love life in Wattpad, a popular website for writing and reading stories made by fans.



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