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Who is Park Yu hwan’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Park Yu hwan

Who is Park Yu hwan‘s girlfriend?

I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


Park Yu hwan (Hangul: 박유환) was born on March 9, 1991 in South Korea.

He is an actor of South Korea and well known as Ricky Park.

His brother is Micky Yoochun, a South Korean singer.

This Pisces actor started his career on drama Twinkle Twinkle in 2011.

His parent divorced in 2008 that made him go back to South Korea with his mother.

Park Yu hwan has been nominated as best new actor in 2011 to 2012.

He ever lived in Virginia, United States of America with his family.

He was popular when acted on drama entitled She was Pretty.

He was inspired to become an actor by his older brother who was working on entertainment as singer and actor.


Park Yu hwan is single now after his big gossip in 2016.

He doesn’t reveal about his girlfriend, maybe he wants to keep off all the private information to public.

Park Yu hwan wants to focus on his career not to relationship.

Ex Girlfriend

Park Yu hwan has ex girlfriend who was living with her for a year, then they broke the relationship by mutual consent.

There are no detail information about his ex girlfriend, but they have been living together without marriage.

Ideal Type of Woman

Park Yu hwan stated that physical appearance is the bottom of the list when it comes to considering the opposite gender.

His ideal type of woman is conversationalist, smart, funny and curious.

Park Yu hwan gives preference for personality traits than physical appearance.

Views On Marriage

Park Yu hwan doesn’t think about marriage yet.

Marriage is serious step for him, that why he doesn’t want to rush into marrige.

Park Yu hwan stated that it is a good idea to get to know of a woman before you’ll get married.

He would get married when he found someone who could spend the rest of his life with, regardless of his age.

Ideal Dating Situation

Park Yu hwan is busy now to have a relationship with a girls.

He stated that his ideal situation of dating is dating while outdoor activity sucha as nature walks, hiking, ride a bike, ski or skate.

He wants to share what he likes to do with his girlfriend.

Fan’s Opinion

The fans are supporting to him and put curiosity to his private life.

The fans are having close relationship with Park Yu hwan.

He is single now, so many fans are dreaming to date with him as idol.



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