Who is Kim Jong-min’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Kim Jong-min from Koyote

Who is Kim Jong-min’s girlfriend? I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


Kim Jong-min (Hangul: 김종민) is a singer and dancer, born on September 24, 1979 in South Korea.

He became a member of K-pop group “Koyote” in 2000 and has been active ever since. Aside from performing he also appears on plenty variety shows and dramas.

In 2011, he started his solo career with the release of his single “Oppa Find Strength”.


In early 2015, Kim Jong-min stated he wasn’t dating. Although this information is quite dated, it is highly possible that Kim is still single.

Rumor: Shinji

Kim has also been rumored to be in a relationship with fellow groupmate Shinji.

However when the two appeared together in a television program, they stated that they did not have romantic feelings for each other.

Rather, they see themselves as brother and sister.

Ex Girlfriend

Hyun Young

Kim Jong-min and Hyun Young were in a relationship from 2006 until 2009.

Hyun Young is a multi-talented celebrity, that has worked as a model, actress, MC, and even singer.

Not much is known as to why they broke up, but 2009 was the year Kim was in the military, and Hyun Young was busy with her career.

It is possible that they separated because of the distance they had throughout the years.

Hyun Young married Choi Won-hee in 2012, and has a child.

Ideal Type of Woman

Kim Jong-min previously stated he likes Luna from the k-pop group f(x). According to him, Luna has a pretty smile, and looks pure and innocent.

Furthermore, his previous girlfriend Hyun Young was multi-talented and ambitious just like himself.

He probably seeks like-minded people, and find them most compatible.

He has a close relationship with some women but there is not much information of his ideal type.

Views on Marriage

Kim Jong-min doesn’t talk about marriage, maybe he wants to focus on his career.

He is ambitious and is always busy. His work is probably more important than finding a significant other for the moment.

Ideal Dating Situation

Kim Jong-min keeps silent about his dating. There are no rumors as to where he has previously been to dates, either.

Hopefully we can hear some stories from him in the future.

Fans’ Opinions

Kim’s fans support his choice to be secretive, but still await news about his relationship.



-“Refeel” (2005)
-“Autumn Destiny” (2010)
-“Reply 1997” (2012)
-“My Husband Got a Family” (cameo, 2012)
-“My Daughter Seo-young” (cameo, 2012)
-“Reply 1994” (cameo, 2013)
-“Plus Nine Boys” (cameo, 2014)


Singles (Solo)

-“Pit-A-Pat” (2012)
-“Sali Go Dali Go” (2014)

Albums (Koyote)

-“Passion” (2000)
-“Philip” (2002)
-“Emergency” (2003)
-“Koyote 6” (2004)
-“Rainbow” (2004)
-“Feel Up” (2005)
-“London Koyote” (2006)
-“Jumping” (2009)