Who is Johnny’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Johnny of NCT 127

Who is Johnny‘s girlfriend?

I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


Johnny was born on February 9, 1995 in Chicago, USA with the name Seo Yungho. He is a Korean-American singer and part of NCT, a South Korean boyband formed by SM Entertainment. He belongs to the subgroup NCT 127.

He was found at SM Global Audition USA held in 2007, and he made it through to become a trainee and moved to South Korea. He for 9 years and debuted as a member of NCT 127 on December 2016.

Currently he attends School of Performing Arts Seoul to accomplish his goal become a performer.


Good news for his fans, Johnny is available at the moment. There are no rumors about any romantic relationships. He also never posts pictures that might raise suspicions.

Also, Johnny never mentioned any past relationships. He might have had a girlfriend while in the United States, but he probably has been single ever since moving to Korea, as he was busy training.

His current situation makes it even more difficult to have a relationship. Even after being a part of NCT, his workload is increasing by the day. Aside from his group activities, his solo career is also making good progress, so he needs to focus on his work before it dies down.

He has waited for this opportunity for nine years, thus he is probably concentrating on his career rather than his lovelife.

Ideal Type of Woman


Johnny looks like a laid back guy who loves teasing, so he’ll love someone who has a short temper and make cute reactions.

He also values deep conversations, so he prefers someone who talks a lot, but will also listen.

Lastly, as Johnny is busy from morning till night, a girl that is optimistic, caring, and understanding would be highly appreciated. Small things like cooking for him, or smiling at him, would guarantee to make his day.

Appearance wise, he is a big fan of Girls’ Generation’s Yoona for many years. We can tell he likes women who dress elegantly and have long, dark hair.

Views On Marriage

Johnny never revealed what he thinks about marriage. He just turned 22, and is still young enough to have a bit of fun before settling down. He doesn’t need to rush about it yet.

Also, he is too consumed in the present with all his activities, and might not have the capacity to think of big future plans at the moment.

Ideal Dating Situation

Johnny would love to bring his girlfriend to foreign countries. For example, Italy, specifically in the summer time when they can enjoy Venice. Or in Chicago where they can visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, since it’s one of Johnny’s favorite places there.

If he only has a day off, he would take his girlfriend to amusement parks and enjoy heart-pumping attractions.

For more laid back dates, And the he can just going to nearby café with his girlfriend just ordering Americano or Caramel Machiato.

Fan’s Opinion

Johnny’s fans know how strict SM Entertainment handles their artists, that’s why they believe he would never dare to have a lover right now, at an important part of his career.

He is a dedicated and talented performer, and all his fans know that. He would never risk it for anything.



-NCT on Air (2016)
-NCT life (2016)


-The 7th sense (2016)
-Without You (China and Korea Version) (2016)
-7th Sence (2016)
-Golden Hour (2016)
-Away From Here (2016)
-Closure (2016)
-First Christmas (2016)
-Nebula (2016)
-Serotonin (2016)
-Give In (2016)
-Limitless (2017)

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