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Who is Haechan’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Haechan of NCT

Who is Haechan‘s girlfriend?

I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.



Lee Donghyuck, popularly know as “Haechan”, was born on June 6, 2000 in Jeju, South Korea. He debuted on August 2016 as a member of NCT, a k-pop group managed by S.M. Entertainment.

He serves as the lead vocalist of its two subgroups, NCT 127 and NCT Dream.


Haechan is single right now. But that doesn’t mean he is looking for a relationship.

The idol is constantly busy with his activities in NCT, combined with his school work. He simply doesn’t have the capacity to be dating for the time being.

Plus, after being a trainee for years, Haechan finally got to debut. He doesn’t want his efforts to go to waste because of a relationship rumor.

Ex Girlfriend

Haechan has never told anything about any previous relationships.

This is because, first of all, he’s only recently debuted. He hasn’t been interviewed about a lot of topics yet, including past lovers. Second of all, he probably just wants to keep it private. And lastly, maybe he never had a girlfriend before, as he started training at a young age.

Ideal Type of Woman

Appearance wise, Haechan hasn’t stated what he looks for in a girl.

Personality wise, he definitely would like a girl that can handle his attitude. He can be unintentionally mean with his remarks, so he doesn’t want to date a sensitive person, as it might hurt their feelings.

Rather, he would like it if she could attack him back with her own sassy remarks, and tell him when he’s crossed the line.

Also, she should be understanding that he has a demanding schedule, and can be stressed out.

Views On Marriage

Haechan has a sibling 13 years older than him, which is why he knows the feeling of being a father. Though marriage is not a near-future goal for him, probably he will marry someone in 10-15 years from this time.

He is still young and just debuted in 2016, that’s why he need to be hardworking in his career and NCT. Haechan and NCT’s career still has a long way to go and marriage is not included for the time being.

Ideal Dating Situation

Haechan barely talk about his dating. He’s quite introvert to show off about something like that.

And he hasn’t been asked that question yet, so he hasn’t revealed his opinions. Fans hope to hear more about them soon.

Fan’s Opinion

Haechan fans around the world think he’s interesting and funny. He can make girls fall in love with him an instant.

But, since Haechan is still a new celebrity, they hope he never gets a scandal with anyone.


-NCT on Air (2016)
-NCT life (2016)


-The 7th sense (2016)
-Without You (China and Korea Version) (2016)
-7th Sence (2016)
-Golden Hour (2016)
-Away From Here (2016)
-Closure (2016)
-First Chrismast (2016)
-Nebula (2016)
-Serotonin (2016)
-Give In (2016)

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