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Who is Piolo Pascual’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Piolo Pascual

Who is Piolo Pascual‘s girlfriend?

I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


Piolo Pascual is a Filipino actor, producer, singer and model.

Born on 1977, Piolo first entered show business through the youth oriented variety show That’s Entertainment in 1994. He later joined other television shows including Esperanza where he was paired with prime actress Judy Santos.

Their love team was a resounding hit in the early 2000’s with all of their movies grossing millions and followed avidly by their fans.

Piolo, with his powerful acting and large fan following, was also paired with other award winning actresses to include Maricel Soriano, Angel Locsin, Bea Alonzo and Claudine Barreto.

More importantly, Piolo has also been multi-awarded for his acting with one of his film making it to the Cannes.

In 2003, Piolo launched his album which was a success. Piolo’s ballads became hits that they were almost played in all local radio stations and made as soundtracks in local films.


Piolo is single to date. He had been into several relationships with popular actresses in the Philippine movie industry. On the other hand there are also rumours that he is gay and had relationships with co-actors and singers.

It is also known that Piolo has a son, Inigo, who is into show business also recently. Piolo was only 17 then when he got Inigo’s non-show business mother pregnant. Their relationship did not last because of their age and later also as career demanded Piolo’s time more and more.

Ex Girlfriend

Pops Fernandez, Rica Peralejo, KC Concepcion

Piolo Pascual had several relationships in the past. These include a short-lived romance with singer Pops Fernandez, actress Rica Peralejo, KC Concepcion and recently Shaina Magdayao. Piolo and Shaina went viral as they dance very intimately in a ball held on October 2016.

Shaina Magdayao

Shaina is said to be the closest girl to Piolo at the momemnt. Neither has confirmed about their relationship and Piolo maintains that whatever is going on between him and Shaina is something that he wants to keep for himself and in private.

Piolo also mentions that he is happy with Shaina at the moment and feels very comfortable as they were friends for a long time already.


Despite the viral video, some netizens still believes that it is only for a show and that Piolo in reality is gay. He has been rumoured to have a relationship with co-actor Sam Milby, Yul Servo and Mark Bautista.

Ideal Type of Woman

In her twenties – that would be the age of Piolo’s ideal girl. He says that he wants her and her future girl to enjoy the children they will have together.

Piolo also favors sporty girls. He recounts how he would gift her girlfriends a bike or alternately ask them to jog with him. Biking and running are two of Piolo’s favorite hobbies, being a sports buff.

Views On Marriage

When Piolo’s son entered showbusiness, Piolo made a promise to his son that he will not get married until Inigo turns 18. This is to inspire his son to focus on his career also. Today, Piolo’s son is already past that age and has a girlfriend of his own.

However, Piolo does not think of getting married yet. He says that when he decides to get married, Piolo also wants to get married abroad. He says that almost all his life has been public since he entered show business and it would be a welcome change to wed privately.


The Vizconde Massacre Story (God Help Us!) (1993)
Batang PX (1997)
Esperanza: The Movie (1999)
Lagarista (1999)
I Think I’m In Love (2002)
Dekada ’70 (2002)
Milan (2004)
Don’t Give Up on Us (2006)
Every Breath U Take (2012)
Love Me Tomorrow (2106)
Once In A Lifetime (2017)

He has also produced films and starred in various television shows.


In 2003, he launched his self-titled album with 13 tracks including the remake of Till There Was You. A year after he launched another album titled The Gift. His latest almun, Timeless, was released in 2007.