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Who is Paolo Ballesteros’ Girlfriend? Lovelife about Paolo Ballesteros

Who is Paolo Ballesteros‘s girlfriend?

I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


Recently awarded as Best Actor in the 2016 Tokyo International Film Festival, Paolo Ballesteros surpised the film fest audience when he attended the red carpet and opening ceremony impersonating Angelina Jolie and later accepting the award while impersonating Julia Roberts donning a dazzling evening gown.

Born on 1982, Paolo is an actor, noontime show host and model. In 2001, he joined Eat! Bulaga, Philippine’s longest running noon time show first as a segment host before going full time host. He has joined numerous television shows and films.

However, he has created his mark by impersonating male and female stars and through make up transformations.

Paolo is currently single. While Paolo admits he doesn’t have a partner right now, he nonetheless states that he is ready for a relationship.

Paolo’s sexual preference is a mystery and remains a mystery. With his internet sensation doing make-up transformation, Paolo’s lovelife is like a camouflage that keeps everyone guessing his true preference.

Some quarters are insinuating that he is gay and living-in with Steve Torres. When interviewed on this, Paolo would take a “neither confirmed nor denied” stance and would rather smartly joke on the rumours.


Maria Katrina “Kaye” Nevada

He however is known to have a relationship with Maria Katrina “Kaye” Nevada, a businessman’s daughter and Paolo’s classmate in College. Paolo and Kaye’s relationship was only short lived. Paolo and Kaye have only stayed together for about a year.

They have a daughter who is 8 years old now. In the past, Paolo and ex-girlfriend Kaye figured in a controversy following a lawsuit with the parents of Kaye who took custody over their daughter. The courts favored the custody of Paolo’s daughter to the pair.

However in recent years their daughter stayed with Kaye which is an amicable agreement between the former couple.

Ciara Sotto

Even as paired with different female actresses in films and in television, Paolo remained elusive to off-screen romance. On the other hand, he was rumoured to have a relationship then with Ciara Sotto, daughter of Eat! Bulaga’s host and Senator Tito Sotto.

This was after they were paired in the noontime show they joined as segment hosts. Their team was called by the fans as CiaPao following the first syllables of their name.

Ideal Type of Woman

In an interview, Paolo was asked what his ideal love partner would be. He expressed that he would want someone kind…and in a kidding tone, rich. He also mentioned that he would prefer a foreigner for a partner.

On the other hand, Paolo has also expressed that he likes a woman who shows strength and has a mind of her own. On this, Paolo’s top of the mind would be Angelina Jolie, whom is also Paolo’s favorite subject on this own make-up transformation.

Views On Marriage

Paolo doesn’t talk about getting married as he says that he is not in a relationship currently. He is confident though, that if the right person comes along, he would be ready for it.

Fan’s Opinion

Although being rumoured as gay, fans still adore Paolo so much that sexuality or his preference is not an issue at all. His acting prowess and skills in make-up transformation endeared him to local fans and earned accolades internationally.

He has been known to closely resemble popular celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Tyra Banks, Lucy Liu, Katy Perry and Madonna.



Pakisabi Nalang na mahal ko siya (2002)
Anghel sa Lupa (2003)
Enteng Kabisote: Okay ka, Fairy Ko: The Legend (2004)
Xenoa (2007)
Pendong (2010)
My Bebe Love (2015)
Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo may Boyfriend? (2016)
Die Beautiful (2016)


Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin (2001)
Daddy Di Do Du (2005 – 2006)
Dyesebel (2008)
Eat! Bulaga (2001 – present)

Aside from acting, make-up transformation and impersonation, Paolo is also known to be good in sketching and drawing. He has always drawn since his childhood and stated that he wanted to take up Fine Arts when he was in college.

Paolo comes from a family that is artistically inclined. He is a great grandson of Philippines’ National Artist Fernando Amorsolo.