It is an amazing dress for women and it looks more formal. These skirts can be worn at the time of meetings or any other official gathering.This skirts are more comfortable to wear and it is highly recommendable for all age groups.

Uniqlo has wonderful collections of skirts and it is available online for sale.

Features of Product

This skirt consist of Polyster material and it can be easily washable.It is highly recommendable for hand wash.

This skirt has to be handled in a gentle way in order to use it for a long run. The fabrics used were in best quality.It is reliable and moreover it is available in all color and size ranges.

You will be able to get the right fit according to your measurements.This serves well in all occasions. You will be able to wear it for longer period of time with no regrets.

It is highly recommendable as it gives you a professional outlook. Best suits for all weather conditions. Hurry to purchase the right one according to your needs.

Product Detail


Shell: 100% Polyester
Lining: 100% Polyester




7 colors: WHITE,BROWN,YELLOW,NAVY,Grey,Black,Blue

Fabric Feature

The fabric used in these manufacturing of skirts is very soft and gentle.It has given a smooth finishing.The fabric used were best in quality.It remains soft even after consistent usage.

The life time of these skirts is very long and you will be surprised to know its reliability and longer life.The color does not fade away even after many washes. You can be sure to buy one without any hesitation about its quality. It has best in fabric features with gentle finishing.

General Reviews

In general this product is highly recommendable for all occasions mostly for professional meeting.It gives you a pleasing look and you will be able to attract the crowd in no time by wearing this professional outfit.

It gives you an formal look and it is advisable to get one as soon as possible before the stock gets over in Uniqlo.It is reliable product and you will feel comfortable even after wearing for longer period of time. Do not hesitate to grab the right one for you from the Uniqlo store.

Best Fits Styles

Customer Reviews

Review 1

Bought the grey one. Becomes to my favorite skirt. Considering to buy other colors

Review 2

Love this skirt! I bought it in black.

Fit: I have a slim waist and wider thighs / hips, so the skirt can be slightly hard to pull over my hips, but once over them it fits perfectly.

Wear: I took this with me on a 10 day trip to Europe and it was fabulous…even after being rolled in my suitcase the small amount of wrinkles came out after hanging it for a short amount of time.

Overall: This skirt looks posh but it is very affordable, highly recommended buy for your wardrobe!

Review 3

Amazing skirt and the price is right, just the seam was not done right. I was in Japan, very hot and humid, so this was perfect, I m getting it in other colors. I do have a couple more elegant ones, but this was gees for my trip!

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