Review of Uniqlo V-neck Jumpsuit

It is one of the rare product. It is like a long suit and serves well for cold weather condition.It gives you a comfortable feeling .It serves well for a casual wear.

This product is widely used and it serves at the time for relaxation as it comes with a loose fittings. You will be able to enjoy its cons once you buy this for your regular wear.

Features of Product

Uniqlo jumpsuit has come up with V neck and it looks very glamourous. This suits for all body structures as it comes with relax fitting.

It is very long and you can use it at the time of relaxation.This producy can be used for a longer period of time without any discomforts as there is no tight fitting anywhere in the design of this jumpsuit.

This suit can be washed by machine but it is advisable to handle in a gentle way for a long run.It is highly recommendable as serves for the relaxation purpose. The product is reliable and it serve well even after many number of washes without any defects.

Product Detail


Shell: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex


100% Polyester




3 colors

Fabric Feature

The fabric used here is best in quality and it is little bit thick one as it serves well at the time of cold temperature.You will be able to feel the warmth once you wear this suit.

This jumpsuit suits well for all age groups and you will be surprised to witness its reliability even after consistent usage.

The color does not fade away for longer period of time.The fabric is very soft and gentle and you will not feel any itching feeling when you wear it for longer period of time. This product is highly recommendable for all age groups.

General Reviews

This product serves well for all weather conditions.This serves good during cold weather as it gives you warm feeling.As it is a loose fit wadrobe you need not worry about the right fit.

You can use this dress at the time of relaxation.There is no tight fitting any where throughout the suit.The design is well planned and it is available in light shades. Do not hesitate to buy one as the stock is rare in the market.Hurry to purchase one as soon as possible without any hesitation.It is highly reliable and affordable.

Best Fits Styles



This product suits well with all types of dresses.It acts like an overcoat and gives you a relaxation at the time of wear for longer period of time.

Customer Reviews

Review 1

Usually I don’t wear jumpsuits. It’s find to find one that perfectly fits. This one fits perfectly, especially pants, And I love that even if it is casual if you mix with nice accessories there is no need to buy evening dress. You will look just right for Friday night out.

Review 2

The jumpsuit looks just as they are in the photos. I think it can be worn as a casual attire or during events that demand that you dress up a bit. The material, though dark (I got the navy one) is cool even during warm weather.

Review 3

im 5’3 and 115 lbs. i usually wear a small and thats what i got. pants fit perfectly. soft material. just needs little ironing. hits the ankle just right. can wear flats or heels. lovvvve them!

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