Review of Uniqlo Blazer: MEN Comfort Jackets

This product is one of the formal wear for everyone and it gives you a professional look.This wadrobe is advisable to use at the time of grand functions or any other professional meeting.

This gives you a warm feeling and rightly used at the time of cold weather. This serves well for all age groups. It is highly recommendable for the purchase at the time of memorable occasions.

Product Features


This blazer are of many types depending on its neck shape.There are blazers with UV cut, drape type and stretchable one. The name depicts its appearance. You will be able to witness the differences in blazers only in the women wear whereas for men blazers it is the same.It just gives a professional look.

The women blazers are available in various colors where as the men blazers are available only in the shades of black.This blazers are highly recommendable product.But do not use it as a casual wear.

You will beable to wear it for longer period of time with comforts and you will not regret in future regarding its qualityas it is one of the best blazers available in the market in the current scenario.


68% Polyester, 32% Cotton




6 colors;

Fabric Feature

The fabric used is best in quality.You will be able to feel its gentleness once you wear the blazers.It is very soft and gentle and it is advisable to avoid machine wash.

You should always go for hand wash and it should be given special care to maintain its softness. The color does not fade even after many washes.

The fabric has the same gentle texture even after longer usage. It is highly recommendable product and this can be used during special occasions.

General Reviews

In general this product can be used at the time of professional gathering or any other memorable moments in life. The price is very cheap and you be surprised to witness its reliability.

It does not undergo any damage even after consistent washing.This should be handled in a gentle manner in order to use it for a long run.

This product is highly recommendable and you will feel happy for getting one from this online store. Make the best use of the opportunity to get the right fit for your occasions in life.

Best Fits Styles



In order to attain the best fit it is advisable to go for long sleeve shirt before wearing the blazer. The blazer on top of the light shade long sleeve shirt serves as the best fit.

Customer Reviews


Review 1

I am normally a size M but I got the XS and it fits beautifully and better than my $500 tailored suit. I am 5’9 with a 32″ waist and about 160lbs with an athletic build. If you like the fitted jacket, like me then get about 2 sizes down or else just get one size down.

Review 2

I love UNIQLO but had a bad time with this product. First off the fit was far too loose – I usually get medium so got this in a medium too in both the grey and the blue. Unfortunately the size was more akin to a large.

I bought them on my last day in England so was a bit rushed while trying them on – so you could say it was my fault – but still I just wish they had got the sizing accurate on this

Review 3

I usually wear a small in Uniqlo shirts. For this jacket I needed an extra small. I’m having my tailor take about a half inch off the sleeves, but my arms are on the shorter side.

Other than that, the fit is really sharp and the jacket is extremely comfy and easy to move around in, unlike some blazers I’ve worn. A winner! I bought two more in different colors.

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