Review of Uniqlo Women Pants: Smart Style Ankle Length Pants

There are variety of women pants available in the market.It is the best choice to opt for uniqlo women pants for the best fit.

It has provided you with various color features and you will be able to match the right shirt according to the available pants in the store. It has various types of pans like casual, leggings etc.You can choose the right one according to the requirement.

Product Features


There are two types available in this product one is the casual one which is like thick pants with various color shades and the other one is leggings. This leggings comes as a skinny fit and it serves as the trendy wear in the current scenario. This leggings pants suits well to all kinds of tops.

The fabric used in the manufacture of pants is very soft.These pants were available in all sizes and you will be able to get the right fit without any compromises.

It advisable to visit the store in order to get the required one before it becomes out of stock.This product is highly recommendable for all age groups.

Product Detail


Body: 69% Polyester, 29% Rayon, 2% Spandex/
Waist: 50% Polyester, 21% Spandex, 16% Nylon, 13% Rayon


9 colors

Fabric Feature

The fabric used in the manufacturing of pants is very soft. Based on the texture you can decide its washing method.

If you have bough a normal thick pants then you can go for machine wash where as if you have bought leggings it is advisable to go for hand wash in order to maintain its soft texture for a longer run without any damage in the future.

It is very soft and gentle and you will be surprised to enjoy its comforts even after longer period of time without any regrets. The fabric is awesome and best in quality.

General Reviews

in general this wear is the best suit for women.These pants were available in all sizes and most of the younger generation opt for leggings because of its comforts.This suits well for all types of tops and you will be surprised to witness different ranges of colors.

It is one of the worthy investment and you will not regret in the future for your purchase with Uniqlo. There is no damage with the uniqlo pants even after consistent usage.the fabric and the color remains the same even after many number of washes.

Best Fits Styles



This suits well for contrast color tops and it gives an attractive look to all occasions.

Customer Reviews

Review 1

I bought one pair (the green) they’re pretty dark but look great still! They fit great too so I ended up buying a few other colors. I get compliments on them all the time! I have bigger hips so I wear them a little higher up on my waist with a belt-

Review 2

The pictures do not do these trousers justice. I am UK 4-6, 5’4″ and the length is perfect. Fabric is sooper soft and they are very very comfy. I will most certainly be buying them in a few colours:)

Thank you uniqlo! I have such terrible problems buying tailored style trousers.

Review 3

I got a pair of these at a uniqlo store, and I liked them so much that I ordered more. I like that they are not tight (I don’t look good in “skinny” pants) but they don’t make me look like a granny.

I wear them when running errands in and around the house. They stretch well. I would have loved if they were maybe one inch longer.

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