Review of Uniqlo Sweatpants: Men DRY Stretch Sweatpants

It is one of the rare product.This sweat pants suits well with sweat shirts.The stock availability seems to be less in the market and you will be very comfort in wearing this for a long run.

It has come with the classic look and serves as the casual wear.This sweat pants can be used at the time of cold weather conditions.It is very soft wadrobe and can be used as an regular wear.

Product Features

It is one of the comfortable wear and it suits with sweat shirts. The texture is very soft and gentle and you will enjoy the smooth feeling while wearing these sweat pants.

It is highly recommendable product and it has come up in two categories one as a classic wear and the other one as a blocktech. Both of them comes under the sweat pants. It is very soft and fits well to all body structures.This product is available in all color shades.

It has also available in different sizes.It gives a perfect outfit without any regrets. It serves as the best outfit for all occasions.

Product Detail


90% Cotton, 10% Polyester/ Rib: 86% Cotton, 14% Polyester





Fabric Feature


The fabric used is very soft and it an imported quality. it is very gentle and available in light shades.This sweat pants is available in all sizes and the texture is very smooth and gentle. You will feel happy in wearing it for longer period of time.

The fabric remains the same even after regular washes.It can be washed by machine but at the same time do no use more chemical substances while washing these sweat pants.

You should use gentle detergents in order to maintain the fabric texture for a long run. The fabric is best in quality without any compromises.

General Reviews

This product is highly recommendable to all age groups.You will feel that you have made a worthy investment in purchasing this product. It has given a comfortable outfit even in a long run.

The price is highly reasonable and is affordable for everyone. This can be used as a casual wear and it goes well for all types of tops.It is advisable to for medium shades tops for the best suit.

The texture remains the same with soft and gentleness. You will feel very comfortable to use it for longer period of time without any discomforts.

Best Fits Styles


Try to use sweat shirts in order to get the exact match with this bottom wear. Go for medium shade tops to get the best outfit.

Customer Reviews

Review 1

I first got a pair of these in store at their flagship store in NYC 2 years ago. Ever since then, I’ve never found a pair of pants that are so comfortable (moisture wicking fabric), stylish, and so versatile in how you can wear these pants.

Review 2

I hesitantly bought three pairs of these sweat pants and was skeptical based solely on the price. Finally arrived, two days ago, and I can say enough great things about these sweat pants. The fit is a tiny bit looser than I would like but that’s perfectly fine due to having muscular legs.

Review 3

Bought the pants online to match the hoodie I bought in the store and the waist is closer to a medium compared to the pair I actually tried on in the store.

I think I got the one pair that was mis-sized. Oh well…took them back to the store and exchanged for another large and they now fit perfectly.

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